February 7, 2011

Moving Along....

I’m trying to remember why I shot this photo - as I beg the coffee to kick in.

Oh - wait.  That’s right.  This big black star in our living room reminds me of all the reasons why I never wanna move back to Texas - ever.

Somehow - I get this feeling I’ve got about 1350 individuals that “ get that “ this morning - after getting screwed out of the seats they forked out paychecks to sit in - along with all the dough they spent on getting there - and for a bed to sleep in after the Super Bowl.

Anytime I say there’s a lot of lead in Texas - I’m not just talking about - guns.  Ya' know ?

Personal friends and a few family members that I stay in touch with -  excluded.  That would mean you have brains - ambition - self respect - and grandioso measures of patience with - Moi’.

Moving along -


Oh.  Right.  I wanted to get a shot of this plant before I kill it.  I am not having much luck with houseplants inside this log cabin - beyond pothos ivy.

That just makes me look at the subject regarding a few individuals that built this house - where it was built - and how it was built.

This would not be the morning to go there.  We’ll just end that conversation right there.  Okay?

Moving along -

( Ohhhh, I need some Tylenol.... )

I've screwed the greedy grocery stores from getting my money for eggs.  Next on my list - Bread.

I’ve never made my own loaf of bread - from scratch.

I’ve done those frozen loaves that I found in the freezer sections at the stores.  But I can’t find those anymore.

Prolly better off not being able to find 'em.  Just one less processed food with a bunch of preservative junk in the ingredients - loaded with sodium.

Anyway - I’ve always wanted to bake my own loaf of bread!

I even bought Sante’s Cast Iron Bread Pans - over a year ago.

Alright now - don't be hatin' on me!

I’ve just been waiting for the right hormones to come around and kick me into gear.

They kicked in - on Saturday!

We made toast on Sunday morning.

Couldn’t even do that with those store-bought frozen loaves.  It was like - trying to shove cotton candy down the toaster.

Want the recipe?  You can get it here!

I did put one little adjustment into the act.  I pre-heated the oven to 250* and boiled water in a covered 3qt. Saucepan.

 Once I had the dough set into a bowl and covered with oil for the first round of rising - I placed a wet flour sack towel ( I use them for canning ) over the bowl.

These are great for diapers - anytime you get in a jam.  Just remember one thing - " Once a Diaper - ALWAYS a Diaper ! "  Ya' know?

Moving along...

Turned off the oven.  Placed the bowl of dough into the oven.  Removed the lid off the 3qt. Saucepan and placed that in the oven with the dough.

Left the oven door open for a couple minutes before closing.  And then I waited for the dough to rise.

Yes - the dough will stick to the towel.  Don’t sweat the small stuff!  Pull it off - carefully - to keep as much as you can from coming off onto the towel.  Wash the towel under COLD water.  That’ll help the dough come off the towel much easier.

Punch yer’ dough - and …

Move along…. !

Have a great day!


Deb said...

You did REALLY well for your first time!! Love your bread pans. :)

Before you know it, you will be grinding your own flour, to make your bread...and making other things like pizza dough, dinner rolls...and anything else you enjoy eating. :)

WeldrBrat said...

Thanks, Deb! It was almost like waiting for that first kid to be born. Only I kept having a walking nightmare - this vision of the loaf tops crashing all over the sides of the pans as I pulled 'em out of the oven. LOL

I waited about 5 mins. before trying to take 'em out of the pans. I was amazed! Soooo easy!

ChileFarmer said...

Your bread looks super good. I have some on the rise as we speak. Just plain ol white bread but thats what we like. Oh I do others, like beer bread, cinnamon date. The beer bread taste kinda like sourdough but without the starter. CF