February 5, 2011

If Cabin Fever Were a Tennis Ball...

Spring countdown banner

This cabin fever is about to drive me plum nuts.

I wish it were a - tennis ball.  Wouldn’t need a court.  I’d use our basement wall!

Shar reminded me - that I had forgotten to set up my banner on my blog - to remind me that Spring is coming.

Come on Ginko Biloba - kick in, already!

Believe it or not - Spring really is coming.  It just has to.  It cannot sleep much longer.

Hey - we all have to get up and go pee - sometime !

And nobody can deny how good it feels - that racing of every heart brought on by rainbows!

I’m ready to see sunshine - yellow grass turning green - and rainbows!

I know I should feel grateful for not having snow smacking up against my butt right now.

All I can say to that is - I’m glad we didn’t move to some place where snow smacks you in the butt during winter - every year!

But - since Mother Nature just insists on being such a Wench - I guess I’ll settle for making some pizza dough.

After I’ve had my coffee.

And my Ginko Biloba.


Deb said...

Beautiful rainbow!! I'm wishing for spring too...I'm not normally this bad about wanting spring to come, but this year for some reason I just can hardly wait for that warm weather. LOL

That Bloomin' Garden said...

Spring is just around the corner. Crocuses are two weeks behind here but the trees and roses are leafing out. Hang in there, soon enough we will be basking in sunshine.

ChileFarmer said...

I to am awaiting spring, had snow yesterday. Not much, but it sure made me feel real cold.
I have turned to baking bread, keeps me busy and it taste really good. Made cinnamon rolls the other day, wish y'all had some.Bill

WeldrBrat said...

You won't believe this! I ended up baking fresh bread instead of the pizza dough - my post for tomorrow!

Great minds think alike! LOL