February 4, 2011

Hubby Grabs the Camera - Round 1

My hubby got hold of the camera last night.  Let’s see what he decided to capture.

Mr. Zucker.  Believe it or not - He is a registered Miniature Schnauzer.  His full name is " Schoellkopf’s Guten Zucker. "  In English -  " Schoellkopf’s Good Sugar. "

The german “ Zucker “ is pronounced with that long “ u “  sound - same as it’s English translation.

Zucker has early stages of arthritis - among other issues that send my blood boiling and make me enemies toward breeders any longer.

I became aggravated by his refusal to step outside to do his business during winter season.  We fought with sweaters - boots - you name it.  But he was determined.  If he had to go out there in that mess - so did we.

Finally - I tried something last year - and the angels blew their horns from heaven above!

I stopped using grooming shears on him in December.

He still gets the ear hairs pulled - those toenails clipped - the eye boogers banished - and faces the comb with the brush.

But we let his winter coat just come along!

This is the first winter Zucker has had somebody to spend the season with - Miss Carly.

And now - I have to “ tone “ the two of them to get them to stop chasing each other over acres and come inside!

On another note - We had a couple days last week that were absolutely gorgeous!

Didn’t take long to get a shot like this.  But - looks can be deceiving.  It was only 24* outside!

Nope.  Winter still has time left on it’s treadmill.

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Deb said...

Cute photos of your fur babies...but where is your snow? Want some of ours? *giggle*