February 2, 2011

Need Only Apply to Mind-Choosing Dumb Arses!

Is Hell freezing over?

I would think there just might be a few folks answering “ Yes ! “ this morning.

We’ve been more fortunate in our area - this time.  Could be much better.  But I think we’ll all take what we’re getting’ - before tradin’ with all those folks in Hell this morning.

It simply amazes me - the mindset of those determined to prove to the world that they can force EMS to come save their butts.

I would never make a proper candidate as an EMS employee.

My co-workers would be bailing me outta jail - just about every time a storm hit.

When you get a 3-day warning to prepare - that does not mean you bring all the supplies home from the store to stock up for worst-case-scenario - before going out during the peak of the storm to get trapped - just so intelligent human beings can risk their own lives having to come save your Idjit arse!

If you’re stupid enough to leave the house in the middle of all the crap -  after all the warnings…

But I have to go to work.

Really!  What in Hell makes you think your boss was stupid enough to leave their house this morning?

Well… I didn’t know this was gonna happen.

Right.  In case you haven’t figured it out yet - this is Winter.   Idjit!  Please!  You need to check the weather on a daily basis!

When are people ever gonna figure out - There is a laundry list for the type of Emergency Personnel that hit the roads during bad weather.

In all actuality - nobody should be out on the roads during bad weather.  But - somebody’s gotta be out there to handle critical emergencies like - oh, I dunno -  gas lines bursting - trees falling into buildings - live power lines snapping and hitting the ground.

Emergency Personnel risk their lives to go out there and deal with all those situations.

They are not out there to have a good time hunting your dumb arse down - so they can get you back to your house - where you’ve got all your stocked supplies sitting - to get you through the storm.

That’s not what one calls - having a good time.

Intelligent people know this.


Helga said...

OMG, you are so right! Love your blog and sense of humor. Your intro truly cracked me up. I am ahead of you, I decided that for 40, VBG.

Deb said...

I've often wondered why people get out when it's bad. Monday we had a little ice here and from what we saw online, the roads were ice covered, so we didn't go to a funeral we had planned on going to...figured we didn't want to chance having others come to ours. LOL Its just not worth getting into an accident, just to get out and go somewhere. Course I understand some people can't afford to miss work, but I'd sure try to plan on having a little extra money to replace what would be lost by having a few snow days if at all possible, cause I wouldn't want to get out and have an accident.

Leslie said...

LMAO This post had me cracking up. You are so right!! My kid's dentist office acted like "how dare I not want to keep the appointment when Wichita was still enacting their emergency accident reporting plan". WTH? I'm the one who has to pay if I wreck my car or get stuck. I don't think so. I straightened their rude butts right out. lol