February 20, 2011

A Concocted Mess of Preparations

I know.

I'm betting there will be a bunch of Keebler Elves and Oompa Loompa's out there buckling over in pain from laughing at me over this one.

I guess I'll just have to lower the rack from now on.  And it was not a good idea to leave the damp flour sack towel.

I think I'm becoming obsessive about seeds.

I'm gonna try the " garden in a bag " trick this year to make use of a lot of them this year.

I'm also handing over a bunch to Jennifer so she can grow some of her own!

The warmer days are bringing on more activity around our place.  It's like a slight " hummmm....." sound that keeps waffling - like some precursor in the air - the hint of Spring coming on!

We picked up a torch kit from Tractor Supply.  We're gonna try something different with the garden this year.

We're not doing anymore tilling beyond what the Girls have done for us.

Instead - Dwayne torched dead growth.  We'll be top dressing with mushroom compost - setting up our raised rows - and planting!

Zucker has been wearing his " winter coat " - which makes a huge difference with getting him to go outside and take care of his business - minus the sarcasm.

Unfortunately - he has discovered a new adventure - which seems to provide him with great fun - and a double bonus.  It offers a little bit of paybacks - for the few times he doesn't get his way.

He has discovered how well leaf material will burrow into his soft - curly - coat.  And all he has to do is wrestle around with Carlie for only a few minutes!

I'm assuming he's using this as a test of our love.

And I had to think twice a couple times last night - as I was dumping buckets of water on him in the bathtub.

Zucker will be losing the winter coat today.


Deb said...

*giggle* Glad I'm not the only one who has had a problem with bread dough lately...course umm mine was pure stupidity but it was kinda funny.

I've been gathering seeds too...going to try a few different things this year, we will see if it was a total waste of money like it was last year or not. Ok, we did get some beets last year, so not a total waste. LOL

Gotta get to work on the soil as soon as possible, we are moving the garden this year, DH plowed it kinda last fall, but it still needs work to be ready for panting. Hopefully things will cooperate, and he can get it ready for when we actually can plant...course thats a while for us.

Trying some peas this year, something I've NEVER done before...we will see how much I hate shelling peas, if they grow for us. LOL

Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing about your gardening, once you get started. :)

crystal.cattle said...

I love the picture of your baking. That looks like a couple messes I have created. Here is to better luck next time!