January 15, 2011

Warm Inspiration

I’ve absorbed some much-needed inspiration for helping me get through the Cabin Fever. You can take pictures of - white stuff - for only so long before it all begins to look the same.

Go check out the fun Deb is having - over at Doxie Archives! In the middle of all this - Winter hijacking - that Mother Nature seems to be enjoying - at our expense - Deb decided to get some scrapping done - using photos from last year - during those warm - sunny - colorful days we all enjoyed!

I couldn’t help leaving her a comment - letting her know how warm it made me feel - just to look at her beautiful layout of the butterflies.

I’ve been somewhat stumped when it comes to getting any scrapping done - lately. The holidays came and went. There was no home full of humans and chaos. Never is.

I’ve come to the conclusion - there can only be these reasons…

We don’t do drugs. We don’t stay drunk. We don’t go to jail. We don’t break the law.

And we’ve already put the word out that they’ll never be able to pay me enough to get me to move back to Texas.

Bottom line - we’re just no fun.

But that’s okay. All the dessert breads - cakes - cookies - all that good stuff….

Yeah… just more for us! And much of it was almost free - coming out of only one seed - or - the butt of a chicken!


Anyway - the photos in this layout were taken early last year - after ordering from The Country Porch.  The actual link for the " Lemon Pepper " Theme can be found by clicking - back there <---- .  LOL

I know.  It's just becoming one of those days.

1 comment:

Deb said...

Really pretty LO, like the lacy photo mat...and the flowers look great on there. I'm so glad I could give you some inspiration...I know what you mean though, that snow makes it hard for me to get any good photos of anything outside, cause I just can't seem to get good snow photos, and like you mentioned...there are only so many I want to have anyway. LOL

Sorry you never have much family around for the holidays...we don't either usually (I miss having a big family thanksgiving) guess in some ways it's better if we don't get together with any of them, cause there have been to many thanksgivings ruined one way or another in the last 10-15 years, but I still miss it.

I think most of DH's family thinks we aren't any fun either. LOL We enjoy our life (for the most part) so guess they just don't know what they are talking about! :-))