January 16, 2011

Chicken - From The Horse's Mouth

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The snow is beginning to melt around our place.  Thank God!  I think I can - actually - get my Putt-Putt down the driveway.

The Girls are not stupid.  Well - as long as they’re inside their coop.  They can see how bright the light is coming in through the windows.  They just know that sunshine is out there in full force.  And when that happens - they have nothin’ nice for me until I let ‘em outside.

The temps hit over 40*F yesterday.  So - I decided to go open the little door that lets them out into their yard.  Naturally - it was still piled up with snow.

And - they’ve never walked in snow.

Anytime I let them out into their little yard - they all come storming out like a bunch of Banshees!

And umm - “ Miss Thing “ in the photo above - was first.

I saw it from the house.  It was perfect Jim Stafford material for a song!

Her feet hit that snow and - instantly - she jerked into an exploding wad of feathers and bounced to the far corner of the yard!

Screeching came outta that wench - like she wanted to pull feathers outta her butt - while trying to float - in the air - without landing on that white stuff - ever again.

I was cryin’.  I thought I was gonna pee my pants.  I was laughing so hard my gut was killin’ me!

I went down to video her with my camera - later - after I composed myself.  She’d made it to the perch.

And she wasn’t comin’ down - without help.

She begged - and she pleaded - until I shut the camera off - stepped into the yard - and became her Heroine !

Nope.  The Girls do not like snow.  It’s just that simple.  But the best part of finding that out was…

I had 5 ( FIVE ) eggs - within 30 minutes!



Deb said...

Cute LO! How funny, it would be a shock, when they are used to a heated dry house. Bet they will be happy when spring comes to! :)

d.a. said...

Hee! Too cute!

d.a. said...

BTW, found out what the "unable to comment" issue was all about. A privacy add-on for Firefox (Ghostery) had blocked "Google Friend Connect". By allowing Google Friend Connect, the Post a Comment dialogue box now appears. FYI for anyone else using privacy add-ons...

WeldrBrat said...

Thanks for the heads-up! Apparently - there have been others having several issues with conflicts between Google and Firefox. I just installed Chrome. I'll give it a go - until the pop-up ads show up. LOL

Debbie McBee said...

So cute! She was NOT coming off that perch! She may be "chicken", but she's not stupid. :0)