January 14, 2011

Going fer Egg-stremes

The fonts I used were Segoe Print and Kristen ITC.

I had to go out and shoot this photo last night.  I’ve been pretty excited about my egg counts - lately.  Believe it or not - it works!

I’m beginning to see 8 eggs out of 9 hens everyday!

One other factor that seems to have played into this - they found their way to show me that they prefer Scratch grains over the crumble.

Alright - so I’m being nice about it.  Okay - really nice about it.

Well - fine.

The wenches downright decided to go hormonal and refused to eat any of the crumble and kept raising absolute Hell anytime I walked inside the coop - until I used my friggin’ brains.


Ya’ like me now!?



ChileFarmer said...

OK, so what are you doing with all the eggs? Happy chickens no doubt ,eggs in the winter. We used to freeze extra eggs. Used ice trays, they were good for baking and scrambled. I can't remember if I liked them or not. Its been a long time ago in another life. CF

Deb said...

I sure wish we could spoil our chickens so we would get eggs in the winter. I remember growing up though, my Dad had rats in his chicken house with the walls covered, till he tore everything out cause the chickens couldn't chase them down with them covered...so I just don't know if I want to try that or not. Granted it could just be what he had covering the walls...but I don't know. If we could afford it, I might try something, but guess it will have to wait like a lot of other things. LOL

I'm glad you are having such good luck though. Gives me ideas for the future. :)

WeldrBrat said...

We've been quite lucky, so far! Some of the guys at work wanted eggs. And then - we keep enough for Jen.