January 23, 2011

Park Seed is On The Job!

I just might get to freeze some blackberries this year.  This Netting arrived from Park Seed yesterday !

We’re hoping it’s ‘ Dog Proof ‘ - as well.  Zucker taught Carlie how to rob the Blackberry bushes.

All but a couple packs of my seed came in the box, too.  Still waiting on the Solista Borlotto Beans and the Summer Glory Blend Lettuce packs.

But here’s a list of the packs that did arrive:
( You can click on each one to check 'em out at Park's website. )

I - also - ordered fruit trees from Stark Brothers.  I’ve ordered the Honeysweet Standard Pear - the Redheart Standard Plum - and - the Burbank Elephant Heart Standard Plum trees.  They gave me an estimated delivery date of March 1, 2011.

I got the shipping for FREE!  And so can you - until 11:59pm tonight.  Just click here for details.

There are other vegetables and herbs I wanna plant this year.  But I’ll be visiting Meadow View Greenhouses and Garden Center on Hwy. 11 - between Lenoir City, TN and Farragut, TN to buy all those plants.

For now - I am wishing the temps would just - at least - climb consistently above freezing - so we could hit our fruit trees with dormant spray.  It’s also time to prune them.

We have one more year of growth to support and encourage with our Georgia Belle peach tree ( apparently they're not available this year at Nature Hills. ) and Pink Lady Apple Tree.  That means - pulling off any fruits that show after blooms fade.

Some folks say it’s okay to go ahead and let certain fruit trees produce before that time.  With us planting so many varieties of fruit trees within such a short period of time - it’s just easier to let them all go three years before allowing them to bear fruit.

Doing so can only help them grow even more strong and healthy.

If you’ve never pruned a fruit tree before… here’s a great video that helps!

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Deb said...

Oh Thanks!! I hadn't thought to look for a pruning video...and I need all the help I can get! LOL

I'd love to get another kind of tree this year, but...not sure just what I want. I'd love some cherry trees, both sweet and sour...but we tried several before and they never made it past the first year, so not sure I want to order them. Unfortunately the farm store in town hasn't had any sweet cherries, so don't know if we will get any of them. (Maybe they just won't grow here. LOL)

May just have to replace one of the peach trees we got last year, cause a cow (I think our calf Stew actually did it) broke it...not sure if what is left, is worth saving or not. Will see what happens when spring gets here.

Gotta get the apple and other peach pruned anyway. :)