January 24, 2011

High Maintenance Brats

I went online to order Flea and Heartworm prevention for Zucker and Carlie this morning.

" Gawhhh… ! "

I’m just floored.

I can’t even get out of the Vet’s office without handing over $300.00 every time I take a dog to see the Doc.

And it just makes me wonder - how in the world all these people with a handful of dogs on their property manage to pay for keeping their animals properly healthy.

I couldn’t even get outta the online order for the two packs of Sentinel without forking over almost $150.00.  And that was with an $8.00 coupon AND free shipping!  AND - because it’s winter - I even held off on the Tic collars - another $34.00!

I guess I can feel grateful for winter keeping the Tics at bay.

But - It’s absolutely vital that I make sure Flea - Heartworm and Tic prevention are properly maintained.  We live out in the country - surrounded by livestock and wildlife.

And dogs will be - dogs.

You can only keep your eyes on them for so long.  You have to be able to train them to stay on your property without your presence - for short periods of time at the very least.

Otherwise - you wouldn’t even be able to step back inside the house to go pee - much less anything else.

Why I worry about Carlie and Zucker taking off while I go pee is beyond me.  They’re like my kids.  Bringing them into my life has brought old habits back into my life.  I’m no longer allowed to go pee without “ the kids “ following me.

If you’re a mother - you get my meaning.

Anyway - there is worthwhile concern about the dogs being dogs.  Regardless of how special and unique my pups may be - regardless of the fact that I can tell the world my pups never do any of those really gross things other dogs do - because I never see them do things like that - we all know - they do.

They’re just like teenagers.  Once Mom and Dad are outta sight… “ Hey… Game on ! “

And why should they worry?  The $300 bucks won’t be coming outta their butts!

Okay - so - maybe not all the time.


Anonymous said...

I agree with all of it! Animals are expensive, time consuming, and I don't think I have slept a whole night since Jill(our Basset hound) came to live with us.
I wouldn't have it any other way though and can't imagine life with my "babies".

Have a great day.

Deb said...

LOL yep, our dogs hate it when we have someone else around, cause then we have to totally shut the bathroom door...and if they aren't right with us they don't get to come in.

I know what you mean about the price of everything for them...I still have some shots to get for Peaches, have no idea how we can afford everything at this point, but eventually I'll figure it out. *sigh* I don't do all they recommend, cause we've had trouble with other dogs we had, when we did...but some I do (although not always WHEN they say they should have them)...and of course rabies we HAVE to.

AJ-OAKS said...

Finally I stopped by to see your blog. Sorry it took so long.
Your 'kids' ( dogs) are gorgeous!
I am still giggling at the expense of having animals in our lives. And may I say they are worth every single penny that is spent on them! Even when the vet needs to be called out for emergencies!
I have one cat who insists on following me into the bathroom every single time. If I don't let him in, he howls at the door until I open it. Then it is the look, of " Oh hey mom, whatcha' doin'?"
There is a rule with me as far as the dogs and cats licking me. It is not allowed! I've seen some of the gross things they eat and besides, they lick their behinds! Um, not licking me with that mouth! lol
Looking forward to going to your past posts and getting to know you.

Leslie said...