January 22, 2011

Oh, Crap!

There’s just nothing like having your brain “ holla “ at you - in the middle of your sleep.

But then - who knows ?  Maybe it was one of my relatives that have crossed over to the other side - having a little fun - being there for me - while picking a nice opportunity to pull a prank on me for pure meanness.

The alarm clock went off.  Dwayne climbed out of bed and headed for the shower.

I knew - already - it was too early.  The coffee pot hadn’t even started up.  I couldn’t “ smell the aroma.

My brain pulled rank with me - and we began shutting down - again - attempting to go back into that much appreciated deep sleep - even if only for a few minutes.

And then - Carlie comes gnawing on my fingers - rebuking my earlier command to “ go night-night ! “

I’m laying there.

All of a sudden - the monthly calendar pops into my head - and the word “ Bills.

And then - the date of - January 20th.  And I jump right out of bed.

I run to check the calendar on my computer.  It says - " Saturday, January 22, 2011. "

Before I even realize what I’ve done - I’m standing in front of the shower with the Utilities bill - hollering over the sounds from the showerhead and the puddles of water bouncing off Dwayne.

You won’t believe what I did ! “

I can’t even remember the last time I was late with paying a utility bill.  It was due to have been paid no later than 2 days ago.  Now I have to pay the late fee.

This is - by far - a clear sign to me.  Cabin fever has hit me worse than usual.

My tracking on days of the week and dates of the month - yeah.  Totally jacked up.

My interest in walking out the door to get into my car - NILBI ( not in the least bit interested ).

And if Mother Nature were to walk up my drive-way right now - I’m not sure if she’d make it to the front door.

Ya’ know ?

1 comment:

Deb said...

Oh I hate to be late with them too, thats why all that I can I have paid automatically, cause I was having trouble remembering to get them in on time too. I still have to pay two the old fashioned way, which sucks...but thankfully usually remember to do that, least so far. :)

I hate it when I'm just ready to sink back into sleep, and I remember something like that...there is NO way I can go back to sleep after that. LOL