January 13, 2011

Okay - Joke's Over - Go Home Snow.

Okay - the visit is over.  I’m ready for all the snow to go home.  And seriously - I doubt I’m alone with that thought.

We were up at the usual hour this morning.  I had an 8am appointment in Lenoir City.  We hadn’t ventured out since all the winter storm began on Sunday.  Had no way of truly knowing the condition of roads around our area.  But we were sure of one thing…

There was no way my Putt-Putt would make it back up the drive-way upon any return right now.

As it turned out - we had to use 4-wheel drive to get back up here.  All the ice had melted away from the wheels on the truck by yesterday evening.

Before the days became shorter and winter approached - there would be chaos unleashing inside the coop well before daylight.  I guess keeping the light on inside the chicken coop from 4pm until 8pm daily has caused Tom Jones and The Girls to sleep in later than usual.  I went in to change out their water - distribute scratch and reset their heater before we left for my appointment.  They were all perched and sleeping - still.

One of The Girls attempted to step down the ramp.  Tom Jones wasted no time jumping off the perch to head her off and reprimand her.  He is a bossy coot - despite his calm and yielding manner while letting The Girls get all they want - first - when it comes to eating.  And he’s already brought blood to the surface of one of my fingers - thinking I was hurting one of the Girls when I was - actually - trying to help her.

We headed off to Lenoir City without any problems on the road.  Dwayne drove over to Home Depot and Tractor Supply with a list while I was in the doctor’s office.

Decided to stop for a very rare treat before leaving town - Dunkin’ Donuts!  Dwayne loves the Chocolate Iced Cake Donuts.  And my favorite are the Boston Cream donuts!  I’m a sucker for custard!

By the time we got back home - I had 4 eggs waiting for me!


Deb said...

What a cute LO! I totally agree though, I'm ready for the snow to leave...and it's not been here near as long yet as it was last year. LOL

Come On Spring!!!!! *giggle*

WeldrBrat said...

Tell me about it. I can't even get interested in looking at seed catalogs, yet. The only thing I HAVE decided on is - I am not giving up going to Horn of Plenty in Maryville to get my onion sets and potato starts. For all I know - we may end up with nothing but onions and potatoes. LOL