January 11, 2011

" It " is Still - Here

Okay - well - I cheated my way into some fun this morning!  I used a Quick-Pick page that Katie - akaJust So Scrappy “ designed and included in the entire Bundle package for her kit called " Snow Buddies " that I purchased at Digital Design Den.

And I’m glad I bought that entire bundle.  It’s got a BUNCH of really cool stuff!

All this snow we’ve received has been wonderful.  It hasn’t been such a shocking surprise to me.  Of course - I’m constantly keeping my eyes on weather.com - part of that bag of habits formed in the mindset of any obsessive gardener.  By the time winter comes - period - I’ve already been working toward stocking up the house - for these very same type of events.

Easy math - think worst case scenario - prepare for camping!

We’d gone to bed Sunday night knowing that the storm was coming.  We keep a television going in the bedroom.  Yeah - I know.  Can’t go to sleep without the television.

But ask my family what happens to me when I lay down in front of a television.  One more thing my husband and I have in common.

Anyway - both of us practically sat up in bed around 5:30am from hearing, “ Madisonville is reporting around 7 inches of snow this morning….

WHOA…. WHAT? “  Madisonville is only right down the road - about 5 minutes away from our house.  Reports had warned us to expect only about 4 inches at the very worst.

It was 7:30am before we managed to get dressed and succomb to going out to measure the depth of snow.

It was a matter of killing 2 birds with one stone.

We were pushed into a con job - getting Zucker to dive in and find a place to take care of his business.

We’d received 4.5 inches so far.  By the end of the day - we’d received another half-inch.  And it was still coming down in flurries.

I’ve ended up making a ditch from the house to the chicken coop.

Waking up this morning - it’s - still here.  Up until now we’ve been lucky enough to have the snow mostly melted away within a day or two.

Fortunately - we do have supplies.  I’m backed up with over 6 dozen eggs from the girls.  HA!

Oh - one more thing!  We collected 8 eggs from our 9 girls yesterday!  Happy Wenches!


Deb said...

I can't wait till spring! LOL Glad you have plenty of supplies to make it through...especially those wonderful fresh eggs. Love your cute LO. :)

WeldrBrat said...

Thanks, Deb! And thanks for the inspiration!