January 20, 2011

Bending - To Beat Satan

I said I wasn’t gonna do it.

Swore up and down - I wasn’t gonna put myself thru the Hell I end up going through - all by myself.

Instead - I was gonna hit all the Farmer’s Markets in our region - this year - and cut the wear and tear on my body down to freezing and canning.

And then - they started jacking up the price of gas - AGAIN.

And now - they’re warning about the price for food jumping to insane prices - enough to drive stressed people - that are totally uneducated about growing their own food - or - totally buried in daily survival tasks  - to give up and eat at McDonalds all the time.

If only they would - all - just - listen and learn.

As for ' me and my house ' - we ARE paying attention.  We ARE looking around corners.

And when Satan threatens to kick us in the teeth again - we’re not too stubborn that we’ll stand our ground and take the abuse.

Nope.  We’ll move out of the way and get ready for battling all the next kicks we know that we can expect.

I ordered vegetable seeds.

And I'm going to walk in faith - more than ever before - trusting in God to get me through this - much better than all the hell my body went through last year.

I’m - also - ordering a pear tree - a Blueberry bush - and a Plum tree - from Stark Brothers.

Why ?  Because they gave a shout-out on Twitter yesterday - with a code for FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more!

BUT - You have to WAIT - until Saturday.

Click here to get the details!

In the meantime - I am hunting for folks around me - to get them to get off their attitudes - and get busy covering their butts.

If they don’t like the prices for gas and food at the grocery stores - they need to devote one - or - both days of their weekends to coming up and working in the garden - that I will be working in every single day.

I’m tired of wasting seeds - when one package is too much for us - but plenty for several other families.

I’m tired of people telling me that they can’t grow their own garden - because they work all the time.

Or - they don’t have room in their backyard.

Or - they don’t even have a yard.

We have 10 acres here.  We have plenty of room to grow all the garden needed.  And I am at this house each and every single day.

I have all the canning equipment.

I have a Food-Saver machine.

Nothing would give me more joy - than to be a part - of helping several families stock their own freezers and pantries with HEALTHY food - that will cost them a WHOLE LOT LESS than what they’ll pay at the grocery stores.

It will only cost them money for their own supply of Food-Saver Bags - canning jars - and the gas to drive to our place.

So far - it’s been absolutely amazing to find that not one single family has bothered to make such an effort for themselves - over the past two years that we’ve offered.

 They missed out on all this wonderful stuff we harvested!


Deb said...

Wow, wish someone around here close would offer that! We could learn from them that way. I ordered seeds this year too. We had a small garden last year that didn't give us much, thankfully a guy in town took pity on us and gave us some tomatoes and peppers. I canned some salsa and gave some back, cause he said his wife doesn't make any.

Hopefully this year our garden will actually produce. Neither my DH or I are good at gardening, but have decided the past couple of years we had to at least try. Last year was a bad year around here, not just for OUR garden...so we are hoping thats why we didn't get much and not just cause we can't garden. LOL I grew up helping my parents garden, and always hated it...but I do like to can and eat, so guess we will see if we can manage to grow a garden this year for a change. I'm praying that God will help us manage! :)

Eventually people will want to take you up on your offer...or wish they had!

ICQB said...

Gaah! I can't believe you've had no takers on your offer!

When you mentioned wear and tear on your body, I had to laugh. I think of gardening as an alternative to a gym membership :-)