January 10, 2011

Wonderful Snow in East Tennessee !!

It's Picture Day!

We woke up to a really fun surprise this morning!

( Remember to click on photos to see larger view - then hit your Back Button ( < ) on the top left corner of your browser window! )

This was taken at 7:30am this morning.

Zucker in his winter coat - and his boots and sweater.

The boots and sweater only minimize.  He still ends up with snowballs hanging!

Snow is dry enough - but heavy enough for a little slide to a corner on the barn.

Asked the girls if they wanted to go out in their chicken tractor today.
They all turned around and showed me their fuzzy feathered butts.
I took that as a " No. "

They weren't much into the idea of coming out into their play yard, either.

Huge tree - small photo.

There's a driveway under there - somewhere.

We really needed that barn moved this past summer.

Right... me, neither!

Don't think I feel up to much fishing today, as well.

Maybe we'll have loads of peaches this year.

Just before our neighbor began hauling hay down.

Zucker wasn't going out - period - until Mama headed out there.


Deb said...

Beautiful photos! I've got to get out and get some here too...but I'm not so good with snow photos, maybe cause I hate getting out in it. *giggle*

Deb said...

Yippee...one good thing about you having to switch to this blog, I was able to get your blog into my google reader, so now I'll know when you post a new post, instead of coming in when I have the chance to look. For some reason your other one wouldn't let me. LOL

Just had to tell you, so you know there is a good thing about moving...although I'd sure have to try to import your old one into this one, so you had it all together. I've not done that before, but...think I'd try it, if I had trouble like you have.

Leslie said...

The video had me laughing! TFS!!