January 25, 2011

State of The Union - One Man Army

I’m taking a side road today.  Fair Warning:  It’s raw - honest and down-to-earth - and - simple. 

Tonight - all networks will have eyes on our President as he delivers the State of The Union Address.

Already - my gut wrenches over the ‘hoopla’ growing wings over some idea for both sides to mingle the seating chart - like tossing salad - as if one more lame maneuver will succeed in convincing sheep that the shepherd’s are doing a great job.

But it looks good - don’t it ! “

So, what.  A Prostitute can look absolutely gorgeous - and be walking around with a full-blown case of Syphilis.

Partisanship.  Bi-Partisanship.  I could not care less.  In my book - I see nothing but Pigheadedness.  Self-absorption.  Self-serving antics.

Even more digusting - they only need to perform half-ass efforts.

Why?  Well - that carries the same answer as any other questions where our Congress and Senate are concerned.

Why not ?  Who in Hell is paying attention ?

Obviously - not enough of those that should.  At this point - if more of this country’s people were truly paying attention - riots would be erupting - after realizing that the greatest “ change “ to come has happened within the understanding of “ The People. “

And that was " change " that did not come by the sole hands of our President ( POTUS ).

If we were all able to corner these two sections of government leaders into answering the question - “ Just exactly who do you mean by ‘ The People ’ that you serve ? “ - common people would become absolutely - livid.

If one steps back to observe the entire scene - the same as staring at some mural in a New York Gallery - ( or, watch as if it were some television soap opera... ) - many more would begin to see a particularly disturbing fact emerge.

Bottom line - both sides are under the sheets - in bed with each other!

Their only true concern - a fun race to see which side can get the most members elected.  But - not for the reasons most assume.

While most common people in this nation are not paying attention - these chunks of haggis are voting in special requests for customizing a billowy cushion of luxury - for which they will sit their fannies on - for the rest of their lives.

Or - were you even aware of the fact that Congress and Senate members are required to serve only one ( 1 ) term to be awarded LIFE TIME pension pay and benefits?  And let me add - benefits that very few of us can afford for our families.

( This is probably why the POTUS threatened to cut off their paychecks if they didn't come to crucial votes before this past Christmas - just one small tactic for making them respect his position. )

In the meantime - they make mula under the table - like Olympic Athletes with all their endorsements.  The only difference is - they’re required to spend their mula getting elected into office.

And from the moment they're elected into office - their only true challenge is when each has to perform for that Pimp.

See - while they’re on the clock - taking care of ( handing in the vote they are instructed to submit ) - by “ The People “ ( that would be the Pimp - special interests - Large Companies/Corporations… “ whutt-evva ! “ ) - they’re also slippin' in a few of their own personal wishes and whims for themselves - along the way.

That usually happens when the media has us all wrangled by the neck with all the milking over some other issue that will never see the light of day.

Moral of the story:
Never listen to what a man says.  Watch what he does.

Best advice any mother gives her daughter - works just as well when measuring our government’s leadership.

However - in this case - you’re an idiot if you think it remains true that our President is the only one we should be holding accountable.

That would be part of the “ change “ that came with the decision about just exactly who our government’s Congress and Senate of today now consider as  “ The People “ that they serve.

Trust me.  If you’re just like this household - making under $100,000.00 per year - you’ve been voted out.

That’s what we get for not paying attention.

In my book - I will say this.

I see President Barack Obama as a One-Man Army.

There's one thing I've learned about Barack Obama - that I really appreciate.

When the Congress and Senate bring anything to him for signing into law - if he has not heard any majority of  " No " from all of us common folks - he can only assume the majority of those that voted for it rule.  And he will sign it off - respecting the majority's decision - out of respect for Democracy.

So - if you don't like something - it's very important to raise hell with Barack Obama in a letter - asap!  When the man gets enough messages from the people - ( US - THE REAL PEOPLE ! ) - I truly have seen him show us that he heard us.  And we have received his leadership - through his actions on our behalf.  We have not had this kind of respect from past presidents - for quite a while.  This is something very new for us all.

A day will come when all of us - “ The Real People “ - will have to look back and carry a LOT of regret for not investing ourselves into supporting him against a rabid situation that is bagging up this country for a major kill.

And I didn’t even vote for him - in the first round.  But I will be voting for him in the next election - while wishing he could have the 12 more years it would take - most likely and at the least - to get us all where we deserve to belong.

Sooner or later - this country needs to realize that 8 years is not long enough for any leader to fix problems in this country.

That's why the nightmares keep running in cycles.


Deb said...

Well all I'm going to say on the subject, (I usually avoid politics to keep the peace LOL) is that I'm sure God has put into position the leaders we deserve as a nation...till we start turning back to him we can only expect them to get worse and worse...and sometimes I have to wonder how it could keep getting worse, but know that it can and most likely will. :(

That Bloomin' Garden said...

Amen, sister! As a friend from up north I was so excited when Obama got in to office. He has a tough job ahead of him. I have seen the results of the economic downturn in the USA but have noticed signs of recovery in just the last six months.