May 6, 2013

Manic Monday and The Prodigal Sun...

The rain.  Ya' love when it shows up after a drought.  Ya' hate to say anything bad about it when ya' know too many folks suffered from its absence last year.  But when it comes around and stays for almost 3 solid days without stopping for a few minutes...


Even the cattle were hollering about it.  I'm just glad we divided up the alley of the barn.  It gave Patty and Cora open choices between 2 different stalls with easy access to their paddock.

The other side of the barn became Miss April's Condo!  And speaking of... this shot was taken before the storm arrived.  She's been spending time outside her area - enjoying extra grass and clover!  But continuance of that little adventure has been put on hold - as of this morning.

She's gone into Heat.  " argh....... "

Jus' look at these babies!!
Storm in front - Patty's boy in the back!

Didn't see it until I finished shooting this one, but...
Storm's pissin' a pond!

Storm and Cora

Patty's Boy - eatin' Dirt!

Hard to believe... one is a cousin and one is an uncle!

Killian's even having trouble doing the math.
The little fart is his uncle, too!

Master Killian is lovin' his new paddock!
He's almost finished losing all his winter coat!

Time to head to Co-Op for feed.

Have a sunshine-filled Monday, Y'all!


Deb said...

Yep, know what you mean about the rain...I'm so glad to have the sun back here for a few days! Cute I take it you aren't milking the mamma's yet? You ever planning on it or are they to wild?

Teresa Schoellkopf said...

Nawww... These 2 Mamas came as Brood cows, and we knew we'd never be able to get close enough. They'll take cubes from my hands and I can stand between the two. They'll even stand beside me. But they won't let me dare touch them, and they scatter if Dwayne comes within 25 feet! April was 6 months old when she came here. We may have a chance with her. But she's under this misguided impression that she's an ' artist ' with her kick. So, we may have to begin with hobbles on her.

A Lady's Life said...

I love the two babies Just wanna hug them.
You sure spoil your group.
What a lovin Mama you are lol