May 14, 2013

' Little Things ' on Mother's Day

For those that don't know about this - Cora had just stuck her nose into ' the stream ' while Storm was pissing a pond!  Here she is - nose rolled up and 'sniffing' to make sure he is... healthy!  LOL

Apparently – Dwayne and our daughter – Jennifer – spent quite a bit of time sharing a rendezvous over the telephone during these past couple of weeks.  This year’s Mother’s Day holiday turned out to be quite special for me!

I’ve ended up home alone for most holidays – over the past 12 years.  Dwayne ends up working.  And he worked during this Mother’s Day holiday as well.

However – he saw to it that I did not wake up without finding this waiting for me!  Absolutely beautiful – inside and out.  But I’ll leave the inside contents between the 2 of us! ;)  I just love the embroidery on the wool felt.  Such a unique concept for a greeting card.   “ Whouldda thunk – ya’ know?!

I love – love – LOVE getting cards from my Husband!  He’s one of those guys that goes looking for something with all the right words that he wants to say to someone.  And he always – just – nails it – when it comes to telling me how much he loves me – especially when he gives me a card!  It just punches more love for him out of me!

Round Red Glass Stone Magnets holding it up on our Refrigerator!

Jennifer chose a really special Mother’s Day Card project for all the kids in her Pre-School class at Foothills.  And she got right in the middle of all the fun – making a card to give to her own Mom… Me!  There’s a real tea bag in the pocket – a special gift of a cup of tea!

I have a wool felt Poinsettia cut out and made into a magnet that goes on our refrigerator for Christmas every year.  Jen made that for me when she was in Kindergarten.  Hard to believe she turns 27 years old this year!!

Trust me.  Those ‘ Little Things ‘ that you hang on to are so worth every moment somebody in the family jabs you in the rib over such sweet sentiments.  In between all the “ Wow! “ – I have flashes of her life revisiting my mind and heart.  The cheeks on my face begin to hurt from the smile that shows up on its own.  And it takes hardly a couple moments before the pride and joy bring on the tears.

But then the 2 of them collaborated on plans for a Mother’s Day surprise – Full Monte Style!  Jen and Josh came out to our place and made a special Brunch.  We had a Breakfast Casserole that was really good!  And then they brought a beautiful gift from all three of them…

I have wanted a sterling silver charm bracelet – forever!!!  And the three of them got me started on a collection of charms that is to die for!  There is a Teapot – a Grandfather Clock – a beautiful Heart with ‘ Mother ‘ written across – and Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach.  And it’s more than obvious – each one represents a very special message related to moments in my life that they hold special as much as I!

While Jen and Josh were here at the house – I gave them a tour of a few new ‘ Little Things ‘ going on around our place.  The first blooms are beginning to pop on our little red ‘ grocery store rose bush. ‘  Yeah – I brought that with me when we moved into our place.  It was still potted in its little 6” pot.  Doubt it would fit inside one today!

And the Salmon Pink color Azalea is waking up!  I’m so excited!  I love watching this girl explode with her color!

We waited for “ Moni’s Kwanzan Cherry “ to finish blooming before pruning for this year.  This beauty is beginning to take on really great shape!

It’s beginning to look like I just might get to enjoy making up some grape jelly this year.  The ‘ Kay Gray ‘ grapevines are absolutely loaded with promise this year!

Another surprise we’re enjoying – not 1 single peach has a blemish – nor have any fallen from the tree.  And the branches of this ‘ White Georgia Belle ‘ are bound to end up weeping from all the weight that will come before harvest!

The ‘ Granny Smith ‘ Apple tree!  I’m so excited!  I can hardly wait to taste those apples coming from a jar!

And just look at these 2 gorgeous ladies!  The Hens took out a 3rd – for which I may never forgive them.  But these 2 have spit in the eyes of those Bitties enough that they back off!

They take on several different appearances as they unfold to the very peak of their final ascent into blooming.  And each step is something so beautiful to admire!

I’ll be letting them finish up with their beautiful display for this season – before I dig them up and move them to a much better suited home in the yard.

I’m thinking about letting them move in over here.  And by the way – take another look at that tiny Eucalyptus - *cough* - herb.

Yeah.  I’m baffled.  Come from a 2” pot in the Herb section at the garden nursery.  And here it reigns – giving me a fit with a defense of never having fed this thing!  I’m too afraid to trim on the bottom any further.  Becoming top-heavy could cause a storm to bring it down.

Instead – I’ll be topping off the Blue Rose of Sharon to hedge nice and neatly underneath!  That should put it in sync with the ‘ Black Knight ‘ Butterfly Bush on the opposite side!

And of course – Josh could not leave without watching the new Babies for a bit!  Mother’s Day was the first time he’s had a chance to see them since they were born.  I’m glad he got to see them before they begin growing like weeds!

And I’m so happy that I was blessed with such a wonderful Mother’s Day holiday full of love coming from all three – Dwayne – Jen – and Josh!


Queenacres said...

Happy Belated Mothers' Day! I'm thrilled that you had a great were due!!
Love to you and yours...

A Lady's Life said...

I am soo happy for you!!
You have so much to be thankful for. New babies, flowers, fruit trees.
This is true life.:)
I don't know how you can't love those little bratty noses. lol

Deb said...

So glad you had a good mothers day!! I always thought that Eucalyptus was a tree...yours came in a 2 in pot?! Wow. LOL