March 24, 2013

Herbal Essence Has NOTHING On THIS!

Let me tell you!  This past few days has been the most – glorious – few days of feeling absolutely wonderful!

I started a Steroid pack on Thursday.  Ha!

Oh, the things I can accomplish when I get to have – a Steroid pack!

I can wash dishes – even all the flatware.  Oh, yes I can!

I can think.  The ‘ Brain Farts ‘ are subsiding!  I can put a list inside my head and run down to completion!  Okay – until somebody gets in my way and wants to – help.

Want peace?  Stay out of my way!  If I need help – I’ll ask for it.

And the only twinge of distraction is that ‘ buzzing ‘ type of vibrating going on in my hands and legs.  You know – that very first feeling you get when your leg falls asleep after you’ve been sitting in a chair with your leg under your butt.

It never goes away – even with the Steroid pack.  But I will gladly take that.

I have been ripping through this damn house – milking this steroid pack all I can - trying to take care of a lot of things that I’ve had to put to the wayside – forced to choose my battles on the Domestic Front – due to the extreme pain I have endured over the past 6 months.

When I reached the point where I was getting only about 2 hours sleep – with the use of 1 Extra-Strength Tylenol - 1 Extra-Strength TylenolPM – and a hot pad - every night…

And then my Husband had to start taking the same pills to get sleep – because he kept being woke up throughout the night and feeling like he was sleeping with a damn bear…

I caved.  I went for an appointment with my doctor.  And Dwayne went with me.

So many other symptoms.  Came home after being treated for 3 issues.  The Sterioid Pack was – actually – for the purpose of helping me switch over to a different protocol for my hay allergies.  But it’s just knocking daylights out of the pain caused by everything!

There are several very notable symptoms going on.  However – we’re not being allowed to cut to the chase to get to the root of the problem.

Next time you hear crap in the news claiming that Americans are responsible for the cost of healthcare – think about this…

My doctor has reason to believe this may be Multiple Sclerosis.  An MRI would answer – within a week or so.

Insurance Companies REFUSE to approve MRI’s until doctors have run patients through a worldly fustercluck of – other tests – to ‘ rule out any other possible nature causing problems.

They raise cane about spending the money.  Take a look at who's wasting the money!

My doctor is being forced by the insurance company – to put me through a Nerve Conduction Test – on both my entire arms – and legs – to rule out Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

My pain begins at my shoulder joints of my arms - and from my hips down to ends of my toes and bottoms of my feet in the same fashion.

She’s tells me - If this is Carpal Tunnel – it will be the very worst case I’ve ever seen in my entire career.

Now you tell me.  Have you ever heard of anyone having Carpal Tunnel in their legs?

She’s having to send me back to Physical Therapy.  The Piriformis Syndrome in my hip joints has now extended over to my right hip as well.  This is a separate issue from the pain I began feeling in both arms and legs about 6 months ago.  I’m not too fond of Physical Therapy.  It slows me down.  It gets in my way.

And I’m sick and tired of all this crap hitting me at the most difficult time of the friggin’ year.  But I’ve decided to fight my way through this – right in the middle of Hell’s own kitchen – down and dirty.  As far as I’m concerned – the Devil can push all that idiot wants to try.

I’m gonna hand his balls back to him.  One way – or another – I WILL get my stuff taken care of around here.

Remember the little Indoor Greenhouse I found at Tractor Supply for $20?  Dwayne and I planted the Black Tuscan Kale and the Amish Paste Tomato seeds last week.  The packages say they’re expected to sprout within 10-11 days.

They sprouted in 4 days!

Dwayne and I got 4 raised veggie bed frames set in the front yard this past Thursday.  Each are 4' wide x 8' long x 10" deep. We’re not planting until after April 15th.  In the meantime – we’re seeking sources for good garden soil to fill them.

We’ve got the animals settled until April 13th.  We’ll be separating the 2 pregnant cows from Artist and putting them in their own paddock with April.

Patty is due around April 23rd.

Cora is due around May 3rd.  ( She's on the left. )

Upon advice from our Vet – We will be pulling the calves from their mothers after 3 days – giving them enough time to gain all the Colostrum possible.  After the ruckus we all went through during the annual care - efforts are being made with the new calves - to alleviate any imprinting from normal behaviors of brood cows that can become negative for our chosen regimen on our property.

We have decided not to leave the cows to calve around Artist this go-round.  Artist will be able to see what’s going on through the fences and spacing – enough to figure out the math for understanding.

Our work schedule plays into our regimen with raising these cattle.  At the same time – we have our temporary layout – 2 brood cows going through new adjustments in life – and a 14 month old bull that we choose to give ease and assistance to – for learning his circle of life.

With our bull – we find that he’s extremely fair and decent when we meet him halfway with learning.  Once Artist sees ( and the magic word here really is ‘ see ’ ) the results of our actions from our choices – he’s very intelligent and receptive.  Behaviors only need a one-time walk-through.  And there is peace in the world.

Because that’s how Artist rolls!

For some – he’s just a damn cow.  Yes – there are those that have no knowledge of the difference between calf – cow – heifer – bull – sire – dam.  And it blows my mind to see so many of them rant – for whatever word they can find that will put them out there in the center of an argument – because they have this enigmatic need for attention.

It’s easy to see why many with large herds become numb to an extent – when it comes to handling so many at one time.

We have the advantage of handling our cattle due to the nature of the small herd to tend – with a greater deal of personal attention. It is that ability to give such personal attention that led to our decision for going with a small herd – with cows on the smaller size scale – for a smaller size property.

And we get to enjoy special moments like this one!

April and Bruce like begging for cookies!

April’s beginning to like chunky cookies.  She's been going through a growth spurt over the past week.  It's beginning to look like she just may pick up some of that length from her Mama!

Brucey likes his cookies smashed.

I have no idea why.

Killian’s hoof trimming seems to have become a distant memory.  The spins with the ass in the air have returned!

Woooohoooo !

And he’s back to flirting again!


A Lady's Life said...

I am glad you are feeling better.

Cows are animals. There are no such things as bad animals but yes, you need a lot of patience and health to take on a big job like this.
and this is coming from a lady whose been chased by a few bulls herself in her time. lol

Unfortunately, many such animals end up in the soup. It depends on what you are keeping them for?
Meat or milk or shows.
Calves are usually separated from their Moms in milk giving cows but meat cows might find it soothing to have calves around.
You have to play by ear and see how it goes.

and it should be always, something you enjoy doing and not just a chore and a head ache. Otherwise what's the point?
Have a good one.

Mike said...

I need to take a look a TSC for that greenhouse. A little late in the year now, but next year.

Where did you set it up? Inside, outside.

Queenacres said...

I hope they get your health issues sorted soon! I just went through a bunch of tests and everything is still inconclusive. Very frustrating.

I can not wait to see your calves! By the way, I LOVE your new banner picture...what a great shot!

Deb said...

Glad you are getting a little break from all the pain, hopefully it lasts a while if not forever! Love that photo of the two begging cookies, so cute! :-))