February 1, 2013

When a Minute of Sunshine Becomes Better Than Chocolate

We were so relieved to see the rain switch over to snow.

All the cows have been huddled up in the barn for the past couple of days – with the exception of a couple hours of sunshine – long enough for us to get in there and try to get some cleaning done and more hay dropped from the loft.

Artist and Patty have an open shelter – giving them free choice of coming and going within their pasture.  But – even those two chose to huddle up together in their shelter for the majority of the past few days.

There came a break of sunshine yesterday - when they gave me their clear message of wanting to eat their evening ration outside in the sunshine.  They’ll go stand in the spot and just stare at me.  They go deaf.  They freeze up like statues.  And they just – stare at me.

Patty is notorious for doing that to me when she's just so fed up with all the mud!

I couldn’t blame them.  I knew Bruce and Patty just about had their gut full – as well.  We were able to let them out for a bit this afternoon – after we got home from Costco.

But I couldn’t resist getting a shot of Artist and Patty yesterday Those two are becoming so comical together.  They just gel like a married couple.  They even argue like they’ve been married for 20 years!

Artist seems to be teaching Patty bad habits!

However – I was not expecting this shot.  Talk about body language!

Nope.  Your eyes are okay.  2 Tails.  Cora on the left!  Bruce on the right!

Bruce and Cora are looking very much alike these days!  Of course – Cora has an excuse.  She’s due to ‘ Bingo ‘ in about 3 months!  As for Bruce – he’s got another year – at the very least – before we take him to the butcher.  Beginning to wonder if ‘ Brucey ‘ and I need to start power walking in the evenings!

Yeah.  We’ll get right on that – just as soon as Mother Nature hands the warm spring days full of sunshine back over to us!

His neck is getting really thick!

Our little ‘ Chondro King ‘ is going through one heck of a growth spurt!  Killian is beginning to put the mass on – Big Time!  That little fart isn’t just building a butt on his backside.  He’s growing an Ass!  Even the winter coat can’t hide a noticeable change!

As for Miss April…

We found out what the ‘ head bobbing ‘ was all about.  She wasn’t being ugly – afterall.  She'd started becoming a pain in the butt - increasing her pushiness more and more.  I got my gut full and demanded she let me massage her sweet spot on the shoulder area where all the nerves are connected ( best way to calm them down ).  She froze – and then she just melted!

Come to find out – she’s wanted me to brush her!  She let me brush her without any halter on this morning.  It was so awesome!  She leans her head on me and rubs gently – as if she’s giving me a hug.  And I got one of those – right along with one of her kisses!

We’re gonna go ahead and let ‘em all out to burn off some of that frustration from being inside so much over the past few days.

They’ll need it – before we have to get ‘em all put up inside – again.

They’ve projected evening rain switching to snow.



Deb said...

Gotta love it when the sun comes out! We are getting more snow tonight...SO looking forward to spring! :-))

d.a. said...

Hopefully the sun and rain/snow will even out soon!

Peggy Lineberry said...

I just love seeing your cows. Miss having them but just don't have the room. Visiting here always puts a smile on my face! Enjoy the sunshine.. rain here tomorrow.

Karen said...

I love reading your posts. You put a smile on my face every time. So glad the four-legged friends were able to get out and move about. Blessings for peace, happiness, and contentment....and more days to be out and about.