January 31, 2013

I'd Rather Have 4 Feet of Snow

I am so far behind on the photos and posting!  But if you sat and watched me fight with getting my pant legs into my waders these days... your gut would be killing you from laughing so much.

I keep thinking about same time next year.  God willing - we should have a bunch of the Mud Issues out of the way.

For now - hang in there with me.  I'm doing good to grab photos.  Trust me!

Here's the first - from the Ice Storm we had on January 24th.

My Little Herb!

I bought this Eucalyptus 2 years ago - in the Herb section at Meadowview Gardens in Farragut.  It came in a 3" pot.

I made 2 attempts to trim it.  I think it's determined to become taller than the barn.  It's already reached beyond the top of the tractor shed side.

I'm too scared to feed it!

We don't waste time.  We just use a hammer to bust the ice on the water troughs.

The pile of ice chunks hung around for 3 days.

My Poor Grapevines!

I haven't been able to finish getting them pruned for this season, because of the weather.  And January is their time.  I'm just gonna have to muster a little more faith!

I felt so bad about this one.  We hardly ever go out to the front porch.  And we forgot about the flag!

I was afraid we'd crack it, or something, if we tried taking it in at this point!

Let's try to warm up now....

We spend a lot of time checking up on everybody when they have to cuddle up inside the barn.  But this was a funny pic.

Check out how April has become so much taller than killian.  She was born the day after him!

They argue.  Well, okay.  He pouts.  And she gets snotty about being able to see over the wall now!


A Lady's Life said...

funny. Animals know how to communicate to each other. The flag if you bring it into the bathroom tub will defrost.
I don't think the vine leaves will hurt but we only collect the leaves.
For fruit youmight still have to prune them No?

Queenacres said...

I'm glad to see the eucalyptus tree! I just saw one in a seed catalog and I was wondering if it would grow here. I think it could handle our winters, but not sure about the summers. By the way, since we are at war it is correct flag protocol to leave it up at all times....so don't feel bad about it being in the rain/ice.
Glad to see you back, been praying for you and Dwayne.

Deb said...

I'd love to have a eucalyptus tree!! I need to learn how to prune our fruit trees...I think it's about time to do that now. *sigh*

WeldrBrat said...

I'm afraid if I don't prune the grapes... it'll become the Grapes of Wrath for me this year! LOL

And yes, Susan... the Eucalyptus WILL survive in East Texas! Actually... it's the main favorite of Australia, where the Koala Bears pig out!!

Deb, I'm not sure of your growing zone. But they say this one is supposed to fit Zones 8-10... and we're Zone 7. Dwayne said it took a bit of a bite from the ice storm. But it's looking like it's stubborn enough to hang in there for this wet, cold winter, so far!