August 10, 2012

Climbing Over a Hill

Summer has been its own - upon its demand - by way of its greatest measure of strength in so many ways - for so many of us - all around this country.

Dwayne brought these home for me the other day - after having one of those Full Moon attacks - where Murphy's Law gets its hands into everything one tries to accomplish.

I have such a wonderful Husband!

It's been a different season here - to say the very least.  And the challenges have kept a stronghold on our attention.  And not one breath do I take without the thought about one fact.  We are not alone.

Personally - I've just climbed over a little hill of my own with a few health issues. In the middle of my jaunt through Physical Therapy for the Spondylolisthesis - I had to have something removed from my back and sent in for biopsy - which came back negative ( thank God ).  But location and the 4 stitches were a hassle more than anything else.

Other than itching when the stitches were about ready for removal - all the burning that took over on my entire right shoulder blade was a bit testy.  The little cone shaped chunk she had to remove messed with nerves.  The feeling went from a sense of road rash to a really - really bad sunburn.

Hence - I am happy to be back on the other side of feeling much better and up to posting again!

We have now gone from desperate measures of watering areas in the paddocks to keep the Boys supplied with a little bit of grass - to mowing every 3 or 4 days.

And it's becoming stupid enough that I'm making a call for a consult today.  It's too hot to keep the Boys in the barn.  Yet - it would be more favorable to get them off this grass and eating much more hay.

I've even considered sending out invitations for a week-long slumber party to some goats in the area.

It's not so much all the rain.  It's the type of grass that's turned our property into green carpet.  This stuff is thicker than San Augustine.  It's a pain in the butt.  It retains moisture like nothing I've ever seen before.  And it takes forever to dry well enough- and fast enough - to mow.  We've been keeping the paddocks mowed at 4 inches - while keeping the outside area around the house mowed at 3 inches.  But it's beginning to feel like we need to go ahead and cut shorter.

More than anything - it makes me feel horrible for complaining - considering we have so many other livestock owners dealing with the worst drought seen in this country in decades.  Makes me wish I could let everybody move their animals in with ours.

Ahh, but... there won't be so much room here for very much longer.

We are about to grow.  The Deposit is on its way.  By the time my Birthday gets here ( September 29th ) - we will be growing from 2 Boys to having 3 Boys - 3 Girls - and 2 more on the way!

And that's all I'm gonna say about that right now.

Needless to say - we will be doubling down on our preparations for the arrival of all those new family members.  There will be more fencing to be done.  At least one Shelter has to be constructed in the other paddock.  We're in the process of preparing for the delivery of a squeeze chute. And then I go shopping for more supplies.

Like everyone else - we've been taking things a day at a time.  Sometimes - it's required deep breaths and forging ahead one minute at a time.  But these days - we're giving a lot more forethought into our situation here.  Constantly considering each and every one of those " worst case scenarios " before every decision we make.

Dwayne and I attended a 2-day class on Dexter Cattle last weekend.  Best medicine for Newbies that are green as Goose Poop!! 

The class was hosted by Sally and Warren Coad at Freedom Farms in Philadelphia, Tennessee.  There was so much information - much needed - greatly appreciated - helpful in so many ways!  And the opportunity included the pleasure of meeting several other folks that own Dexter Cattle - which was an extra Bonus!

As for all else going on here - the usual chaos of routine.  I live and breathe with layers of a Time Management chart loaded with tasks and goals hanging in my mind - keeping me moving one foot in front of the other - going forward.

Kinda like the carrot hanging from a cane pole - in front of the mule that's pulling the wagon.

And the best way to do that - staying away from the cable news channels as much as possible.  And hitting that little arrow on the top right corner of posts in FaceBook - to choose " Hide Story " so I can get all the ridiculous political fodder out of my face!

Besides - Listening to Bill Mize while I'm working is so much more relaxing!

Have a great day!


Queenacres said...

It has been a long hard summer, I am glad to hear that you are on the mend and glad to see you back! Congrats on the new 'kids' I can't wait to see pics!

A Lady's Life said...

Life sounds pretty good out your way A goat or two is always nice. They are cute.Can't wait to see the new babies:)I also don't like watching the news these days.These people are all in lala land.
I love the roses and I am glad all is well with you. This guitar is very soothing. Nice job. :)

Deb said...

I'm confused I think...whats wrong with your cows eating the grass...grass fed is best in my opinion? I wish we would start getting more rain, so our grass would grow around here! It's been a HOT DRY summer for the most part with little rain. :(

I'm glad you got good news health wise...and are back to feeling like posting. :-))

WeldrBrat said...

Deb, have you ever heard the term, "everything in moderation?" We're finding out how true that is, with this particular grass. We've gone ahead and put the boys back on grass. But I've started them on some ProBios. And it's actually helping... A LOT. They're beginning to eat more hay. And we're now seeing mounds more than splatters. LOL

Deb said...

Ahh, ok, yeah sometimes they do need some extra stuff, especially when they first get on grass I know. Glad they are doing better. :)