August 19, 2012

" Moos " and " Sighs "

It's been the task of putting one foot in front of the other here.  But we did manage to get this huge monster off the list.  This is the Preifert Economy Rancher Cattle Chute.  We were advised to buy this particular model because it's the smallest made - more fitting for Dexter Cattle.

And I really appreciate the fact that they designed a trailer that allows for transporting and moving it around.  ( Helped us avoid Delivery costs, too! )

This new version of the same model has a nice ' fix ' - compared to the ones made in previous years. The floor plate has now been extended as far up under the headgate as possible.

The older ones had a space between the floor and the headgate.  That made for a problem of cows getting their feet trapped - especially the Dexters.

Artist refused to let me lead him over to the other pasture on Friday.  And I don't fight with him about it.  ( Once again - I pick my battles. )

Bruce - on the other hand - is always more than wanting to go over to the other side.  He likes laying under the Three Cedars.  ( I think he likes playing with the water spigot on the water tank that we carry over - as much. )

Around Mid-afternoon Artist had concluded that he was wrong.  I was not gonna come give him a second chance to ' go to the gate ' this day.  And he was pouting.

And then he began whaling out the sorrow.

But overnight...

He lost his ' Baby Moo. '

He pulled his stubborn stunt again - yesterday.  And as he stood at the gate - watching us fill the water buckets for Bruce...

He broke loose with a belt of a ' Moo ' that sounded like it came from deep in his gut.

The little boy's voice has changed.

He's growing up too fast for me.


d.a. said...


Deb said...

Gotta love when they are stuborn! LOL Cute photos. :-))

Queenacres said...

I LOVE the wailing pic! Wow calves grow up fast.

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

I'm certainly glad you pick your battles. This post is great. Check out my Wordless Wednesday post, it's what I see when I look out of my window every day. LOL.