August 28, 2012

Just When Ya' Think Everything is Cool...

Artist is the one that chooses to show his butt and give me a hard time when it comes time to taking The Boys to the other paddock.

The hormones are on a strong roll to waking up.  And he's just... road testing the attitude skills.

Poor thing will just have to learn - " Mama always wins! "

It becomes a routine.  We get halters on.  We get the lead rope latched.  The hooves find a half-inch of sub-surface.

The lead rope comes off.  It gets latched onto Bruce's halter.  Bruce and Mom head to the paddock.  The gate shuts in front of Artist.

Artist wails.  Mom goes inside the house.  Artist wails.

Eventually - he concedes to the shade of the hay rack.  Mom comes outside.  We try again.  And Mama wins.

Of course.

But the other day - this happened.

" Is she really doing this to me ? "

" Hey ! "
" Artist ! "
" Dude ! Help a brother out, Man ! "

" Mom ! "
" C'mon !  It's Me - Bruce ! "
" You can't be serious ! "

This was Bruce's first time pulling the stunt.  Since he's only a steer - I chose to give him a much easier second chance.

We had a little chit-chat.

And then - instead of walking back inside the house - by way of the little gate at the far corner of the second paddock - I went through the big gate between the two paddocks - where they usually pass through.

Bruce had begun to follow me as I walked back to the barn.  But he stalled at the corner post of the fence surrounding the hole.

I turned around to look at him when I reached the hay rack.  And just like Carlie - he took off bolting toward me - ducking and running under the cattle rub - never missing a beat.

The lead rope was latched onto the halter - and you'd think it was just a normal moment.  Within a couple minutes...

Moral of the story, Kids...
" Mama always - ALWAYS wins. "


A Lady's Life said...

lol I see you are enjoying your boys and they you lol

Deb said...

LOL gotta love our animals!! :-))