May 24, 2012

Taking Back My True Brew

Take a good look.  This is the very last one of these I buy and bring inside our house.

This morning’s cup of coffee answered the quivering debate over my choice for instant coffee every now and then.

Others cringe upon the thought.  Whereas - my moment of cringing came with today’s cup of - “ fresh brew “ - after 4 days of an old-time favorite that recently came back to remind me about what the true taste should be when it comes to a real cup of coffee.

Our last “ Mr. You-Know-Who “ hung around for a couple years.  Not sure what happened.  Worked just fine one morning.  Never came on that very next morning.

Lately - I’ve come to believe that evolution really does exist.

I believe this entire country’s people has evolved - at the hands of retail monsters - into the guise of mindless little rabbits - who “ just go buy another one “ - like me.

And each new one we go buy seems to cost more - with least results.

So when the last one ( I now can’t even bring myself to call it a coffee pot ) died…

I pulled out the almighty - ever so dependable…

Yeah!  Uh-huh….  Ohhhh, yeah.

Paris Hilton would never think of this.

Paris, Dear… it’s not only the worry of the electrical grid taking a dump - that one must keep in mind.

As I write this - every window in the house is open.  It’s so nice and cool outside.

I have turned off “ Mr. You-Know-Who.”  He turns me off.  It's like I'm only getting the first layer of the bean - kinda like the paper shell around a peanut.

I have set up “ Miss Almighty - Ever So Dependable.

I hear the first of the birds this morning.  I dunno.  I think they were all pretty exhausted last night. It was too quiet.

But just wait until that pot begins perking - and the wonderful breeze begins waltzing through to carry that wonderful awakening aroma out the windows - to float in the air - passing other open windows in this Holler.

Yeah… I just might remind a few others what the true taste of a real cup of coffee at home is supposed to be all about.

You can find these pots at Walmart and Academy!  They only have the 8-cup size Online - at their websites.  But you can find the 12-cup pots inside the stores.  Those run around $24.

Here’s the fast way to do it!

1.   Turn your stove burner on to medium-high ( #8 for electric stoves. )

2.   Fill the pot with HOT water - up until you can see water at the bottom of the spout.

3.   Place the basket stem and basket inside the pot.  If you see water sitting inside the basket - pour out a little - until you no longer see any sitting when you rest the pot.

4.   Load the basket with 4 coffee scoops ( 6 Tablespoons ) of coffee.  Place the basket lid - then the pot lid - and put the pot on the stove.

5.   Give it time to begin a “shwwwshww” sound for a couple minutes ( usually takes about 10-15 minutes ).

6.   Listen for the first - very subtle - sounds of a “ perk. “

7.   Next - listen for the second - stronger - sounds of a “ perk “ - which will be somewhat faster.

8.   Once you get about a dozen of the second pitch of perks going on - turn your burner down to medium-low ( #2-3 on electric stoves ).

9.   Set your kitchen timer for 6 minutes.

10.   Turn the pot down to “ warm “ when the timer goes off!


***  NEVER walk away from this pot - until you get a solid handle on knowing how to make coffee in this pot.  ***

**  WARNING - This cup of coffee will be hotter than any cup of coffee you’ve ever had - most likely.  Elders will tell you that it is common practice for some to put an ice cube in their cup!

On a lighter note - Hubs is having to work on Memorial Weekend.  So we bar-b-que’d our favorite Memorial Weekend treat yesterday!

Just before they went onto the pit.

Just after they came off the pit!

Spicy - with Cayenne Pepper - Garlic Powder - Course Ground Pepper and Course Ground Sea Salt!

South of the Border - Marinated with Olive Oil - Tequila - Lime Juice and Chopped Fresh Cilantro!

As some of us begin preparing for taking a long weekend to celebrate the Memorial Holiday…

Let us all be reminded… this is not a mere holiday.

Do not leave your homes without hanging your American flag.

Show due earned and deserved Respect.

If not for those who gave all - where would we be?


d.a. said...

Never got the hang of stovetop perc coffee - used to have pretty a Corningware pot, but always made it too bitter. Now I use either the french press, or the trusty $5 auto drip coffee maker from the thrift store. :-)

A Lady's Life said...

I think thats the best cup of coffee you will ever drink. I agree 100% :)

Queenacres said...

We've got one of those that we use on an open fire. People sacrifice how things are supposed to taste in the name of convenience. Freshly perkolated coffee and stove top popcorn are great examples.
The kabobs made me hungry, they look devine.
I hope you have a great weekend.