May 26, 2012

Spondy.... What?!??

Back in April - I headed over to Co-Op and brought home a Salt Block for Artist and Bruce.  Once home - I climbed out of my Putt-Putt and headed for the barn to get the wheel barrow.

Got the Salt Block out of the trunk and into the wheel barrow.  I was turned around and closing the door to the trunk on my Putt-Putt when I felt that dad-gum wheel barrow start pulling its crap.

This thing is a Wuss.  If it’s not set up perfectly flat on any surface - it’s gonna fall over and start whining.

And sure ‘nuff.  Me being Me - always multi-tasking.  I leave my feet in the position they were in while closing the trunk door - and twist my upper half of my body around to all things behind me - and…

Attempt to catch the damn Salt Block - without - one - single - thought.

They weigh 50lbs.  Need I say more?

Sadly - there is more.  I am in Hell.  I’m back in Physical Therapy.  I’m not happy about this.

The Diagnosis is Spondylolisthesis. ( <-- click on that $50 word for a description. )

I’m told it’s very common for End-line Football Players - Marathon Runners - Coal Miners…

And believe it or not - Alaskan Eskimos??

And I am neither.

Don't ask me!  I don't get it - either.

In my case - this little episode with the Salt Block was not the initiator.  It merely slashed the wounds open for another round.

So far - there is suspicion that the problem began back when I fractured two vertebrae - without ever knowing.  ( We only know there are signs of a very old history to it. )

My Doctor has put it across to Dwayne and I in this fashion…

What you do at home is your job - no different that any job you would do if you left the house and went to a location to work for another entity.  This is to be considered an ‘ OJI ‘ - and you are not to hold or carry anything heavier than a gallon of milk.

I’ve been put on “ Light Duty. “

Anybody that knows me - is probably snickering right now.

But I really am trying.  Seriously.  There is no choice - this time.  I don’t even know how to describe the map of pain.

I do a little.  Go sit on the Heating Pad.  Back and forth.

Muscle Relaxers?  Well - consistent at bedtime.  When you live in the country - driving various counties around here is almost a solid part of common knowledge and routine for folks around here - just to take care of this and that.

And you - definitely - wanna have your head on straight when you're driving around these parts.

They don't put traffic cops in the air around here.

Only the National Guard - looking for Pot.

So - I skip the Muscle Relaxers until I know for sure - I’ll be doing no more driving for the day.  I just keep the Tylenol in my purse.  And yes - Tylenol.  The Ibuprofen and the Motrin do absolutely nothing for me.

Excedrin was my Healer.  But it’s been taken off the shelf for some reason - probably because it works.  They claim it was tainted.  Whatever.  Looks like one more round of an insecure - devious competitor buying it out to kill it - if you ask me.

Which is prolly why the National Guard has such strong job security around here.

Anyway - the process for overcoming this situation - this time around - is going to be a long one.  Looks like a good year of physical therapy.

The one thing I am sure of is…

I will never cave to the surgery.

While taking care of the boys this morning - I was reminded about what Hubs said last night - while I was filling Artist’s water bucket in his stall.

You can stop.  He doesn’t drink that much.


Yeah.  I think the 90* temps are gonna change that routine a bit.

I know about something else that needs to change - really fast.

This needs to be shaved down to - gone - tonight.

It's the end of a wood screw that went too far - and it's located right in the area of the door handle for Artist's stall.  Been asking Hubs to make it disappear - for a while now.

Too late.  ( Excuse the Sweetfeed.  lol )  But I don’t have time to dance around little things like this.

I'm telling you - I have my moments - when I begin to consider - seriously - the idea of taking in a roommate.

Just to help with half the crap around here.

So I could get a boat load of other crap taken care of and knocked off that list!

Hubs can’t do it all - either.

And besides…

We should be allowed to have roommates - because…

Bruce has roommates!

Look closely… you’re looking at her tail.

A pair of Swifts showed up and began building that nest as soon as the boys arrived here.  Been waiting to see when they would quit their construction.  Looks like she’s laid her eggs now!

Hubs is working today.  But today is one of those days when I have to say…

Screw it.  It’s Saturday.  Farmer’s Markets!

Question is… Am I gonna find one?  Nobody seems to be keeping their websites up to date.

No way to tell if anybody’s open.

And the one thing I’m not doing around here is…

Driving around 5 counties - looking for one!!!

Maybe I’ll just head over to the Market by Cotton-Eyed Joe’s.

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Deb said...

Wow, you have been busy blogging...and I've not been able to keep up. Sorry you have not been able to do much, hope at least the pain goes away soon, even if you do still have to be careful. :-))