January 26, 2012

My New Toy!

I am loving this thing!

I’m not kidding!  Yes - it was a bit of an investment - compared to a lot of the other models out there.  But this one is the Haan Multi-Purpose Steam Mop Model Ms-30.

It comes with attachments that will take a Nutcase using the Swiffer Duster to a whole new level!!

Just ask him.  He had fun going anal on the grout in both bathrooms for a day!

And her - she spent time watching me use it.  Well - when she and Carlie weren’t fighting for Cheek Space!

But now SHE wants one!  And Carlie thinks we need to buy another chair - for JEN.

Seriously - this thing will clean the glass shower doors.  It will clean other wood surfaces besides floors - as long as the wood is sealed properly.  It will steam wrinkles out of clothing - curtains and other fabrics!  And several other major projects!

But what I like most about this thing - I don’t have to buy anymore cleaning products!

One of the strong points that sold me on this model is a hidden factor that others don’t bother mentioning.  The proper temperature for steam to kill bacteria and germs is 212* minimum.  And this model does a little more than that - just to make sure the proper temperature reaches the surface.

It’s quiet!  Surfaces dry really fast.  And if your household has sinus problems - Everybody's gonna love you every time you break this puppy out!  We don’t have to use the Humidifier when I do floors.

The real shocker - it’s amazing to discover how hot steam can freshen your home without any scent!  But you can add a few drops of scented oil to the bottom of the pads - just for fun!

The whole experience is so well worth the money and the effort.

Now if we can just get this lazy fart to babysit chickens for us.


Mike said...

Naturally, this isn't from TV. But, that didn't stop me from doing the info-mercial line. The Shark, as seen on TV. But, wait. ;)

Looks like the anal one has a new toy. Is that why you love it so much?

Carlie is gorgeous. It's hard enough with Higgins (yorkie) in my lap 24/7. I can only imagine a horse like Carlie. lol


Deb said...

Ohhhh I would love a steam cleaner I think...haven't done much research on them yet, but one of these days maybe I will manage to, so I can see if it would be something I'd use a lot. If it cleans vinal floring I'd love one, cause I hate trying to clean our kitchen floor...and would love to find something that would do it easier so I'd want to more often. LOL Anything that cuts out having to use those nasty cleaners is something I really need to look into more! So glad you could get one!! :)

WeldrBrat said...

LOL Noooo... I was just being kind. I let him play with it for a day. But it's mine from now on!! I ain't sharin' thissun'! ;)~

WeldrBrat said...

Deb, these things will clean vinyl flooring like nobody's business! With this particular model, we're even able to clean countertops! The job it does on built up dirt on floors is unreal! It pays for itself, when you consider how much you save by not having to buy cleaners.

Deb said...

Hmmm yep, gotta get one then, cause I really hate scrubbing floors. LOL *sigh* Another thing for my wish list. LOL Will have to research them a little while I'm waiting to find the money for one. So glad you posted about it! :)