January 28, 2012

Missouri vs HSUS

This video was featured on RFD-TV this past week. This is an issue that - if not fought and beaten for our own protections - could lead to a direct security threat to our country.

This is about a bill being pushed by animal extremists - shoddy enough to completely shut down every farm in this country. Absolutely no joke.

If not fought against - we could - very well - see this country totally dependent on other countries for our entire food source.

What if they decided to cut us off - hold our food supply for ransom? They've threatened to do so with oil. It can happen.

But listen to HOW the State of Missouri chose to handle the situation to protect their farmers. You will find what you hear to be very interesting.

This story goes to prove one very important point.

There are issues our government makes decisions about and votes on - haphazardly - without full and proper knowledge.

When that happens - it can bring a LOT of harm to this country.

All the more reason why we do need Government Reform in this country.

All the more reason why it's so important that we all pay attention and get involved when we see Bills going before our Government that could harm this nation's people.

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