October 3, 2011

Change... And Change - Again

Ever have your eyes land on a page - and a headache follow - almost immediately?

With the season changing and time beginning to feel like a lonely cove in a lake where all the pollen has come to rest on the top of the water…

I needed a change on my blog.

So - I’ve been working on that.

Had a really cute country autumn thing going on for a day or so.

But it just - hurt my eyes - every time I came to prepare for posting something.

And I’d leave.

I’d go back to Google+ - and play City of Wonder.


Actually - all that is true! But -  I won’t make excuses and blame some game or social network for my lagging.

There's been a bit of - other stuff to take care of.

Life.  Chores.  Housework.  Laundry.  Errands.  Appointments.

Dogs. ( They don't include themselves in the batch of chores, like the chickens. )

But I will say this.  I refuse to apologize for the enjoyment I’ve had over at Google+ since shutting down my FaceBook account last week!

And a word of advice…

If you’re one of those that gets a thrill out of tormenting others with all the “ Copy and Paste “ Bombs…

Don’t bother.

Game over - before you even arrive!

Google+ is like being in a land of Common Sense and Intellect!

That's been one more nice change !


1 comment:

Deb said...

I signed up at google+ too, haven't done to much there yet, but never did much on Facebook either, so guess thats ok...guess I'm not to much into the social networking thing, but do like to keep up with friends and family now and then that way.

Love your Autumn theme, this is a pretty time of year!! :-))