September 30, 2011

The Common in Everything

It’s that time of year - when a morning warns you of what’s to come.

The quiet.  The stillness.

That calm before you hunker down to endure that storm they call - Winter.

While the tenderest of things falls to its demise upon it’s final show…


There are the sturdier ones that remain - to keep you from feeling alone.

And so - you sit.  You wait.  You reflect.

And you hope…


For this - and beyond - until it comes.

Then - finally - it arrives.


Life begins to move about its paths - once again - without hesitating to shine.

The cool - crisp - Fall Mornings that come to visit in between 80* days of sunshine - for now.

Trials and tribulations in our lives - and the seasons that change all around this planet.

They all have so much in common.  Really.

1 comment:

Deb said...

Oh, great photos as usual, especially love the one with the cat on the railing. It is a nice time of year, even with winter staring us in the face. LOL