September 20, 2011

The Wind-Down Days of Summer

It’s that time of year.

The days are warm.  But the nights become really cool.

Fall is coming.  In no time at all - Winter will appear like some elephant crashing a birthday party.

It is a time of year when we grab all the last bit of good weather to have some special fun. 

Everybody - ( even Dwayne ) - heads outside - after supper...


With The Girls.

And it's not easy keeping up with 'em - especially with any camera!


Spinner gets in on the fun.

Haven’t quite figured out if he’s convinced that he should take responsibility as “ Guard Cat “ - or - if he’s just come to enjoy watching all the antics for entertainment.

But the routine consists of a " round-the-world trip " for The Girls.  They get to break free and run amuck.

Well - okay.  Not quite.  They're supposed to stay together.


It turns into a foot race - sometimes loaded with confused minds trying to fulfill a wish of flying like geese - resulting in a bunch of tripping and squawking.

But the usual trail walk consists of making their way up to and around the abandoned fenced-in garden.

Eventually - they enter inside to hunt down and devour all the protein they can catch and till.

And they get their guts full - especially during this time of year!

The Pups come along.  And the other day was no exception.

But that day included a moment of two characters in cahoots with one another.


Hey, Carlie!  Let’s make a run for the hay field when we get down to the corner of the garden!


No way! I’m not spending a week on the back porch!


C’mon, Carlie.  You can help us dig deeper holes with those sexy feet!


Naww…. I’m just gonna enjoy this nice massage in the cool green grass.

But then - every once in a while…

A totally unexpected surprise comes along.

And on this day - Mom found a Carrot that had been missed!


Zucker was in his Glory!  Nothing like Green Beans - Carrots - Tomatoes - even Broccoli!

He loves fresh veggies!  Comes running from wherever - even in the middle of a nap - every year - as soon as he hears that very first green bean “ snap “ at the sink!

Sadly - he made the mistake of getting Carlie in on all the fun.

And Carlie has taught Zucker a rule of her own.


Girls come first.

Yes.  These are the days of fun during the evenings.  The wind-down days of Summer.


And somebody in the flock seems to be very pleased about this time of year.  We’re getting eggs that - sometimes - measure over 3” long - big enough that they don’t fit inside a carton!

We’re beginning to wonder if there could be a “ throw-back “  of a goose in the gene pool!

Carlie says that she knows what’s going on.


But - she “ ain’t sayin’ nuthin’.



Life 101 said...

Our chickens have started laying again. One hen lays a brown egg and the other one lays and egg that looks like it's light green.
Love the Basset Hound. We once had one named Pokey. Great dogs.

Deb said...

We are getting an egg here and there from our new chickens! Not tons yet, but next year hopefully we will get more, if we can find them since they usually like to hide them from us. LOL

Cute photos of your dogs and chickens. :-))

Peggy said...

Looks everyone is enjoying the cooler days and yummy veggies! They all look so happy.

The Tame Lion said...

Excellent! Fantastic!

Judy Johnson said...

What a neat blog you have!! Isn't it interesting to watch animals interact with each other? I really enjoyed getting in on the conversations between your beagle and the chickens!

Judy Johnson said...

Whoops! Carlie is basset not a beagle! Sorry, Carlie about my slip!

d.a. said...

So glad that Fall is coming down the pike!