September 19, 2011

One Foot in Front of The Other - That Is All.

What a weekend.  And yes - we actually experienced a genuine weekend here.  A whole Saturday and Sunday.  Ta!

Saturday had Dwayne at home while I ran the roads.  An odd set-up with my Putt-Putt now parked.  But I did make the best of the full circle trip I made.

Stopped for feed at LC Feeds in Lenoir City ( Loudon County ) before heading to my hair appointment in Turkey Creek ( Knox County ).

Arrived early.  Made out like a Bandit.  Found a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans on sale.  Original price was $44.99.  By the time I swiped my Debit card - tax and all - less than $24.00!

I even managed to catch hair products on sale - a total of $15.00 savings there.

It was just - My Day!!!

My next destination was Maryville ( Blount County ).

Made my way to Jen’s apartment to pick her up.  We had lunch at Tomato Head before driving out to Out of Eden Garden Center to pick up a couple flats of Pansies.  Jen found a really pretty green ceramic pot for her Kolanchoe.  And we - still - had extra time before finding a seat at Carmike Cinemas near Foothills Mall to watch “ The Help “ !!!

The movie was absolutely awesome!  First thing out of Jen’s mouth on our way back outside - “ I’m not going to see movies like this with you - ever again.  I cried my eyes out three times!


Trust me.  She’ll go to another one.

Mama always wins!

It was around 8pm when I got home.

Only 1 egg from all 9 of The Girls.  All day long.

My husband was busy.  He always is.  That can be attributed to the fact that he seems to make for one lousy chicken babysitter.

Squirrels get past him.  Or - The Girls protested my absence.


Seriously.  Could these feathered wenches honestly miss me that much when I go out for a day?

Jen and Josh drove out late Saturday night to spend the night.

Jen spent the day with me and helped me plant Pansies.

Dwayne and Josh went fishing.

And the Girls gave me 6 eggs.  SIX!

The guys came home with 5 fish.  FIVE.


We had Tacos for dinner and sent the fish filets home with the kids!

As for the progress with the sheetrock…


Obviously - Somebody doesn't watch DIY or HGTV.  That gap in the floor - forever - restricts the type of trim now required - unless we completely replace all the flooring. 


This was downright scary.


( What in the world was up with the loose screw? )

My Ex could have been totaled on the Vodka and - I’d be totaled on pure faith that he would - still - manage not to mess this crap up like this.


My husband may be anal - at times.  But - Thank God - he comes with some brains and self-respect.


And this wall…


Has now become - this wall!

Next round of days off - Texture and Paint!


Anonymous said...

It's lookin great! QA

Deb said...

It's coming right along! Glad you had a good weekend. :)