August 20, 2011

Skink - Skank - Skunk.... - No.... Skink!

It’s like…. Once you’ve had it… you can never go back.

I’m just not able to prod myself into buying one more tin can filled with tomatoes - much less - tomato sauce or paste.

I can taste the metal from the tin can.

My efforts are spoiled to only my pure - homemade - Tomato Sauce.  With my sauce - there is no need for paste.

I managed to get a total 9 half-pints of sauce made this go-round.

This batch was concocted  by a mixture of sources - 5 lbs. of beautiful " Roma " Tomatoes purchased from Horn of Plenty in Maryville - about 1 lb. of " Amish Paste " Tomatoes from out in the yard - and 9 pints of canned Tomatoes from 2009.

Our efforts with growing tomatoes this year - FAIL.  They were put out there in that fenced nightmare that was intended to be our garden.

I refuse to step another foot inside those boundaries.  Unless I have to go in and chase one of  The Girls.

Our garden has now become “ Heaven “ for The Girls.

Nooooo.  We haven’t cut their heads off and buried them out there.  But they think we have.  We turn them loose out there during Dwayne’s days off - after everybody has dropped their eggs.

They aren’t the only ones losing their minds around here, either.

It’s been hot weather - which means - Skink Season.


( If you click on the pictures - you can see larger ones.  Wowwww!  How cool is that!! )

No typo - Skink.

Zucker flat-dab loses it.  Loses his mind.  Loses his hearing.  Just - loses it.

And he’s teaching Carlie bad habits.  Take a look.

You can see a brown patch beside the brick and hose.  By the time I began shooting this - Carlie had already flipped the brick over - with her nose.

Sexy Feet - Cow With No Legs - Spicy Bitch “ has the strength of a cow.

And yes - she’s managed to steal a few Jalapeno Peppers out of my bucket this year, as well.

Dog is just - weird.



Deb said...

I'm going to be getting some tomatoes from a guy in town, since we didn't have enough from our few plants, so am hoping to make a bunch of stuff with them again this year. Would love to know exactly how you do your paste, and sauce for that matter, in case I have enough to make some myself. I need to make paste as soon as possible, cause I need some for the salsa recipe I I may be attempting some of that this week and any pointers you could give me would be appreciated! :)

Course if you have a good salsa recipe send that my way too...cause at this point I'm still kinda up in the air with how I'll do mine. :)

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

I made stewd tomatoes and tomato sauce thisyear. I am going to try to buy some more to make more. My tomatoes were abundant but they stakes didnt hold So I am going for Panels for my tomaotes next year! This gardening things is such a learning in progress thing! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog earlier! They were very much appreciated.