August 24, 2011

Scattered By The List

There have been several transformations inside our home and around our place.

So - I’ll ask you to not pay attention to the scenery in these first two photos.

Instead - look at the kitchen ceiling light. ( Click on the photo for a larger view - then hit your back button on your browser to get back here. )


This was the original fluorescent light that was in the house when we bought and moved in.


This was a new light that we installed.  ( Dug everywhere for the photos I took after installation - and I cannot find those photos. )  It enabled us to direct the task lights where we wanted.

I don’t even have the heart to put this light on Craigslist for resale.

Those LED light bulbs - are a damn joke.  Nothing more.

We spent more money replacing those bulbs - more often than any bulb we’ve ever changed out - either of us - in our entire lives.

It sucks.

We gave up and just - quit buying bulbs.

I threw a fit after the last hair on my back could no longer stand trying to survive with nothing but the center light - which barely gave off a yellow effect around this totally wood cave of a kitchen.

I know.  It’s coming.  Change is coming.  We’ll get to the entire kitchen soon.  After all the other stuff on that never ending list.

But nobody can function in a kitchen without proper lighting.  Too many things can remove fingers - even fall to the floor and cut off toes in the process!


I love it!


It’s bright!

We can see!

Only draw-back…


It must hang over an island or dining table.  We may move it to the dining area when we overhaul the kitchen.

I’m perfectly safe.  But Dwayne can end up with a headache.

So - there’s one more headache out of the way for a while.

In the meantime - I went down to take photos of the latest work Dwayne’s been knocking out.


Hey, Spinner!  You’re busted, Cat!  You get your fuzzy butt back up here!

That’s what happens when you shoot in the dark.


Dwayne’s been knocking out the walls that were constructed by the original owner.


They have been in the way of these black jack posts.

The posts need to be re-adjusted to level the house - due to settling that has occurred over the past few years.

Once the house is level again - we can begin on the kitchen.

But Dwayne has decided to replace the staircase as well.

Just one more thing he’s having to tear out and re-do properly - the way it should have been done in the beginning.

I know.  It’s coming.  Change is coming.

Eventually - we’ll get to accomplish all our hopes and dreams.  After we clean up somebody else’s screw-ups.


Deb said...

I have to agree, those LED lights suck, I want BRIGHT lights in my rooms, not ones that don't help you see the far corners. LOL Like your new one, even if it is a headache waiting to happen. :-))

Good luck on all your repairs, they always seem to take lots longer than we think they will around here.

ChileFarmer said...

Morning to you, sorry about not being by more often. But I am having trouble getting you blog to completely load. It gets to goggle themes and stops. Might be a setting with my system or something. Just wanted to say I have been trying. Enjoy you Blog. CF