August 8, 2011

Finding the " Good "

An intensely foggy morning that offered this gorgeous - tranquil moment at the perfect moment during the rising of a - sometimes brutal - sun.

I haven’t blogged in quite a while.  I hope you can bear with me as I attempt catching up!


Letting go of the vegetable garden has allowed me to give attention to color …


And other things…

around the outside of our home.


I was absolutely stunned as I - finally - made my way through cleaning out this flowerbed.

I knew I had two Bellpepper plants in there - somewhere.


I had no idea there were so many Bellpeppers that had grown - and already so large.

We need only wait for the peppers to turn yellow on one - red on the other.


We have many friends visiting all the blooms coming now since the day I cleaned the bed.


I love watching the Hummingbird Moths.

They balance in the air - stationary - fluttering their wings - just as Hummingbirds do!

Besides the flowers - there are the Fruit Trees and our Grapevine.


Two volunteer “ Amish Paste “ Tomato vines sprouted and are now producing - compliments of The Girls.


You always gain surprises when you multi-purpose the shavings after cleaning the chicken coop!

I decided to multi-purpose the grapevine arbor as well - by planting Sunflowers underneath.

They appreciate the support.


Right now - they appear as a “ sunflower necklace “ for the Grapevines from the back porch in the mornings.


More fun to be found when you walk out and begin searching through the vines!


Our newest member in our Fruit Tree Family - an absolutely gorgeous “ CelesteFig tree!

I love Fig trees!  I love canning Fig Preserves - even in many flavors!

Finally - one that can sustain itself in our region!

I received my email newsletter last week - from Out of Eden Garden Center in Maryville - announcing they had a shipment of these trees coming in within days.

I was elated when I listened to my voicemail message of Dana’s - greatly appreciated - phone call letting me know they had arrived!


Dwayne picked up our tree on his way home from work that evening.


And it now resides close to the house - and near the other fruit trees.



With the exception of our “ Pink Lady “ Apple tree.

She’s looking gorgeous and should be ready to produce a few fruit next year - same as our “ Georgia Belle “ White Peach tree.


Our “ Granny Smith “ Apple tree resides closest to our new Fig tree.

She’s expected to begin producing a few apples in 2013.

So our inventory of fruit trees has grown to this point:

Pink Lady “ Apple
Granny Smith “ Apple
Georgia Belle “ Peach
Celeste “ Fig
Burbank Elephant Heart “ Plum
Redheart “ Plum
Stark’s “ Honeysweet “ Pear

All things that happen on their own - happen for a reason.

That reason is always for the best - though it may not be according to our own disappointed expectations.

Sometimes - you get lucky.

Yet - sometimes - you don’t dig deep enough.

But when you do - there will always be the best of something good

In even the worst of any circumstances.

You've just witnessed " The Good " in what I dug down deep enough to find - past anger and disappointment in my soul - caused by having to walk away from my vegetable garden.

I think it's been worth the effort.

Deb told me that the earth even needs time to rest.

I hope rest will help my passion as much.


Kristin said...

Your garden looks great! I have never seen those type of insects before, great photos. Sounds like it's been too hot for a lot of veggie gardens this year. Your fruit trees will be so rewarding. You have me inspired to plant some in my garden.

Deb said...

Love your photos!! The first one with the sun rays is so cool, I've never been able to do that but always love them. Love the butterfly one a lot too, with the purple flowers in it, it's really pretty too! :)

Glad you were able to dig down under the anger and disappointment, hopefully it helped you. It's really hard to do at times I know. Sorry it took me so long to get in here and comment, been really busy with DH not being able to do much...and now I get to keep an eye on his activity too, cause he is already trying to do to much. Not sure how he will manage to go slow for as long as he is suppose to when he is antsy already after only a week. LOL

Hope it's finally cooler there, it finally cooled off some here! I'm so happy about that, believe me. :)

Life 101 said...

You have a beautiful place. We have purple rose-a-sharon's too. They are very pretty shrubs.