May 16, 2011

When Short of Strength and Gladness...

When all else is short of strength and gladness…

I always have one last Pocket of Hope.

My list of 10 things I’m grateful for in my life.

My Husband - He’s living proof that I was told a big fat lie.  There is such a man.  I CAN have my wishes come true.  I DO deserve to have a good man in my life to share it with.


Our Daughter - Jennifer.  For quite a while in my life - she was the last dangling thread in my life - before I met my Husband - that kept me waking up every morning - and not following through with departing from this Hell where I’ve been born.

Our Home -  A blessing from God that has enabled us to reach the stars with any wish for making good use of the land to provide sustainable needs.

My Husband’s talents with power tools and math - His pleasure and knowledge in woodworking have created immeasurable love and care that adorn our home and property.

My Putt-Putt - She has become a part of our family that has been of great help with saving money in the middle of an economic crisis.  She  may not be much of a “ Looker “ - but she can put a Ford Escalade to shame in that ever-increasing popular category of “ MPG. “ She’s even shoved that 2002 Dodge Ram 4x4 Diesel into a parking slot - saving us almost $200.00 per month.

The Girls - We no longer have to buy eggs.  Their care allows us to eat fresh eggs that are much more healthier and tastier than anything in the grocery stores.  And they provide enough to cover more than their room and board!

The Home Ec classes I took from 8th grade through my Sophomore year in high school - My first success was white sauce - and a skirt.  Campbell’s has nothing on me.  I can make the “ real stuff “ for a lot less money, too!

My Grandpa Casteel - He taught me how to fish - and how to tie my hook on well enough that no fish can yank it off.  I’ve been able to enjoy catching food for the table with my husband - something fun shared between the two of us!

My Therapist - Tom’s been my saving grace to helping me purge a lot of pain - sort out my life - and discover that my gut feeling is correct.  He’s helped me with reconstructing destroyed self-confidence.  He’s helped me find my strength for blocking out adversaries.  He’s helped me find that place to draw that line - and refuse to take on consequences that belong to others - without feeling any shame or guilt.  He’s helped me discover that I  have every right to be the person I am - without having to hide her for protection.  I can be Me - freely - without worrying about the world hating me after hearing one-sided lies from others.

And lastly - but not the last one...

Living in East Tennessee - I could write books about this one.

I thank God for all the blessings given by Him that I have just listed for today!


Deb said...

A wonderful list! God is good to us. :)

Shanster said...

I'm glad you have a list of things that keep you here! I'm thankful to them too!

BlackRose said...

Good morning from sunny Greece ... resides in a village and giving me the opportunity I become a farm with animals my veggie garden and flowers mou.I AM very lucky that she can grow up my children and give them a life close to nature.

Kaλημεραααα απο Ελλαδα and Στάλες στο γαλάζιο blog team!!!