May 20, 2011

Leaning Forward - And Swamped!

Echinacea - " Sundown  " - Almost ready to pop!

This past week has been totally overwhelming with that list of things to do.  And today was no exception.

We parked the truck because of the price for Diesel fuel.  Dwayne is now driving my Putt-Putt to work.  That means I’m back to scheduling appointments - grocery shopping and running all the other errands during his days off.


But it’s not like I can sit on my tush while he’s at work.  There’s always plenty to do around here.   And I’ve already begun harvesting - blanching and freezing the early spring greens.

We had cold weather hit here for almost a week - around 20* below the normal average for this time of year.  Thanks to Mother Nature - I will have to plant a third mess of corn.

In the middle of all the chaos - " Miss Pissy " has decided to go broody on me - again.

She has not been the least bit happy about me uprooting her out of the nesting box and putting her out onto the grass!  And guess what...

I got the evidence!  Does she not look like she's ready to kill?!!!

 Anybody with Chickens prolly knows what's going on here... she's struttin'  LOL

Look at her toes!  LOL

The other Girls are ticked off at her right now - so - joining them inside the Chicken Tractor is out of the question.

But Carlie doesn't seem to mind.

Actually - I think they're gossiping about the other Girls!

Here’s a photo run-down of some of the stuff that’s been going on around here.

Yesterday - before I planted more treasures today.

It's gonna be so much fun sitting out here with a fire going - drinking Margaritas in the evenings - once all the color shows up!

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