May 9, 2011

Never Too Old To Try Something New

Dwayne and I enjoyed our second harvest for the season last night!

Swiss Chard - something new for both of us.

I say second harvest because the first - for us anyway - is always - rocks.

I guess it’s just one plant we’re not able to kill around here.

And NO - I don't buy seed and/or plant those.

We went the simple route this first go-round.  I wanted us to be able to get the initial taste for being able to determine whether or not we’ll be growing anymore.

After washing and running through the Salad Spinner - I cut the stems from the leaf portions and chopped them into small bites.

Swiss Chard is thicker than Spinach.  The stems and veins are much thicker and stronger than Spinach.  Using a knife became necessary after that first attempt to tear.

The Stem remains very strong halfway down the leaf.  As I do with my Spinach - I fold the leaves lengthwise in half and pull the stem from the leaf.

I roll the leaf lengthwise and slice ½-inch sections.

3 Tablespoons of unsalted butter are melted into the skillet for sautéing this dish.  The temperature is set to Medium-High for sauteing.  The pan is ready once it reaches this point.

To the pan I add 1 Tablespoon of Chopped Garlic - and the chopped stems.  These cook for 1 minute - being tossed in the pan enough to allow even cooking.

Next - 1 more Tablespoon of unsalted butter goes in with the cut leaves of the Swiss Chard.

Constant spooning to mix the stems and garlic in with the leaves - as well as melting the butter and melding everything evenly together.  This continues for 2 more minutes before taking the pan off the fire.


And - it was a hit!

Nice blended taste of Spinach - Greens - a bit of a tang.  Still had a bit of crispiness - unlike Spinach - which I appreciated!

I think it would be fabulous with toasted Pecans!

Have you noticed there is no mention of salt?

I always leave adding salt at the Dinner table - especially with any kind of Greens.

Spooning something onto my own plate that looks like Cow’s Cud - no can do!!!  That would have me skipping the meal.

Looks like we’ll be planting much more Swiss Chard in the Fall Garden.

I’ll even be able to blanch and freeze - just like I do with Spinach!

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Deb said...

hmmmm not sure I'd like this, cause I don't spinach...DH probably would though. I really should try new things like this though, cause bet it's good for you. :)