May 7, 2011

The Babies Are Here!

( Not just a big egg - More like A Happy Chicken ! )

Wow - where do I begin?

Oh, wait.  First - a message for Deb!

Thanks for that great idea about sharing tips and recipes for the herbs that I grow!  Definitely - I will begin doing that as I get busy using them in the kitchen.

Unfortunately - I read your note the morning after making my stuffed mushrooms.  Of course - never donned on me to take photos.  And we - totally - devoured those!  So - I will next time - for sure!

The weather is tossing red flags here and keeping us walking on eggshells.  But we have very brave Babies sprouting from the ground!


OurBorlotto Solista “ Pole Beans have popped!

It’s always so much fun when you see them just barely crack the soil - only to find them standing up an inch tall - or more - the next morning!

And then there are the ones that don’t show their face - at all.

Plan B comes to fruit - open the extra seed you bought.

In our case - I’m having to go back and re-seed some of our corn.


Hard to believe this tiny half-inch sprout will grow taller than me to have as many as 5 stalks - each stalk having a few ears of the sweet - tender - delicious corn that drives us nuts!

" Mirai " Corn seed is a bit picky.  To begin with - the kernal is very delicate.  Dried - just a bit more testy.

Consistent watering and careful attention to depth during planting are vital.

Pretty sure I may have planted some too deeply.


Our Festina “ Bush Beans have come up!  We only planted 2 short rows this year.  Still have plenty of green beans in the freezer and canned.


The spinach is coming along - slowly.  Not so sure I’m all that impressed with using the Garden-in-a-Bag thingy for our spinach.  Seems stunted.

And it’s bringing on a constant discussion about a table garden.


TheSouthern Giant Curled “ Mustard Greens seem to be hanging in there.


However - the Savannah “ Mustard Greens are about to push me to cleaning the row for something else.

Same goes for the Organic “ Boro “ Beets.

As luck always runs around here during early spring planting - the first planting of carrot seeds was washed off the hills by a storm.


Babies from the second planting have sat up and yawned!


Leaving survivors to grow “ rogue “ in the alleys of my rows is just - Me.

Kind of a “ Live or Die, Turd ! “ thing to mimic sticking my tongue back at Mother Nature.

Meadowview Nursery introduced me to Amish Paste “ Tomatoes last year - which turned out some absolutely wonderful tomato sauce!

But they didn’t set any plants up at the farm this year.

Lucky for me - I neglected the plants after harvest last year!


Look carefully - between the rogue carrots!

Hey!  This just seasons the “ Volunteer “ in the motto of our great state of Tennessee!

As for “ canned “ veggies on our property….  literally - I mean.

Our Tomatillo plant is doing just wonderful!  Even has a few blooms!


And it looks like we’re gonna have plenty of Cherry Tomatoes for salads, too!


The Malabar “ Spinach has sprouted.  And we’ll be constructing the trellis as soon as needed.

I went outside the box with my old wheel barrow this year.

It’s a Fragoo “ Strawberry plant!  And I can hardly wait!

Well - David ( our neighbor ) has his two girls this weekend!  Time for me to get in gear.  The girls and I are gonna get busy planting flower seeds in their Daddy’s yard!

And I’ve got a few pickling cucumber plants left over for them to grow on Red’s fence!  Red is their Golden Retriever.

I guess we’ll see how much fun comes out of that venture!


Deb said...

Oh goodie, can't wait to see what you do with your herbs!! Looks like your Garden is coming along nicely, thats wonderful!! Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day. :-))

Annnightflyer said...

Wished my cherry tomato plant looked like yours but.... too hot here I think for em. Already got a handful from it.