February 14, 2011

Hearts - Flowers - Sunshine - and Feathers!

Ohhhhh...  How I love that warm rush that runs through my entire body as soon as I see a sight like this after having endured an oddly cold and snowy winter!

We have Tulips popping through the ground!

And then I wander over to the Georgia Belle Peach tree.

And I find these tiny beauties!  Looks like I can plant Crocus bulbs without the cat destroying them!

We had the most gorgeous day felt in months yesterday!  It was something so greatly appreciated...

Until this.

And then it took everything inside me to keep from...

Busting up laughing until I cried!  I could hardly speak right.

There are those that will assume I found a pile of dead chickens in my yard.  Actually - we turned the Girls out into the garden to run wild - lose their minds - dig for bugs and...

Just made us welcome all the gorgeous weather with a doubled amount of gratitude and appreciation!

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!
Even if you don't have a Sweetheart
to show you how much you're loved -
Today is a day for going out to Love Yourself with some fun!!

1 comment:

Deb said...

Ah yes, the good old dirt bath. LOL They do like one of those. How cool that your flowers are coming up already! You have a much longer growing season there than we do I think. Enjoy the warm weather! :)