February 15, 2011

An Extra Wunnerful Day!

Dwayne and I found this treasure standing outside Johnny Carino’s Restaurant in Sevierville yesterday.

We’re not sure exactly what species of Blue Spruce.  But we’re hoping somebody can tell us.

We want one - or ten !

We spent Valentine’s Day together - in Sevierville and Pigeon Forge!

And it was wonderful!  We do not get to spend holidays or other special days together very often.

Started out with lunch!  And then -

We headed for the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge!

If you have not been there - you must go!  It did cost us $25 per person to get in.  But I’m telling you - it was absolutely worth it !  Both of us were just blown away by the efforts so intricately detailed - so thoroughly and eloquently brought forth by Titanic Historians to offer such a fantastic experience to the public!

It is absolutely amazing to see the collection of actual artifacts and momentos !

And we met Rose!

Just before you enter the museum - you’re handed your “ Boarding Pass “ and shown the way in for purchasing and/or showing your online printed tickets prior to beginning the tour.

A name of one of the actual passengers that sailed on The Titanic - is located on the back of your Boarding Pass - with a short bio.  Throughout the tour you are encouraged to seek that passenger shown on yours!

You reach a point in the tour where you come upon a huge sign posting all the names of the passengers and crew - those that perished - and those that survived.

Toward the end of the tour - we were photographed and given the opportunity to buy the photos!

And we did !

And as if that weren’t enough for a wonderful Valentine’s Day momento to take home - we hit timing with perfection like none other - for an additional bonus !

We were asked to hold up at the top of the grand staircase and - literally - witness a couple renewing their wedding vows!

How cool is that !

I was sooo totally NOT expecting that.  I am nothing but a " sobber " at weddings.

And yesterday I found out - I don’t even have to know the couple!

Anyway - We headed to Bass Pro Shops in Sevierille after leaving the museum.

His gift for the day - My darlin' Hubby picked out two more of his favorite Colombia pullover shirts - a new pair of shoes - and a fancy large bait bucket with an aerator.  No more getting soaked by hauling the bait bucket in and out of the water from the side of the boat!

It’s so much easier to take him and let him choose what he’d like to have for a gift!  Asking is just futile.  I’ve had to concede.

Turning him loose in the place is just more fun.  It's like some kid in a candy store!

He’s just so much easier to - read!

It was 9pm by the time we got home.  We were already 30 minutes past our bedtime.

But there were puppies to feed - eggs to collect - and a coop to secure.

Thank God - the Girls and Tom Jones are grown up enough to put themselves to bed if they can get inside the coop!

Before we knew it - 3:30am came along this morning - and we hit the floor running!

I had an 8am counseling appointment in Lenoir City and grocery shopping to do before leaving town.

Headed home - let pups out to take care of their business while putting groceries away.

Turned The Girls out into their yard - set up their food and water outside for them - collected 6 eggs and headed inside.

It was 12:30pm before I sat down to have my first meal for the day.

I’ve got a monstrous list in front of me for today.  And I feel like I’ve been through a loaded day - already !

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Deb said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful day yesterday! It's great that you were able to spend the day together and do something fun. :)

Hope you find out what kind of tree that is, I have no idea, but it is pretty.