January 29, 2011

Where's that Metal File?

Tom Jones has decided I’m not allowed inside the coop with the Girls after 7pm.

Just because Tom Jones hasn’t had his spurs come through - yet - doesn’t mean he is without weapons.

Alas - the wonderful works of - his beak!

Poor Tom Jones!  He has not understood.  There’s still time  - and room for him - in the freezer!

I don’t care how charming he may be!

I don’t care how gorgeous he may be!

I don’t even care how much of a wonderful Protector of the Girls he may be!

The very LAST thing ya’ wanna do is bite the one that feeds ya' - brings ya' fresh water twice a day - brings ya' treats all the time - and feeds your bloody ego!

And you - especially - don’t wanna do that kind of damage on the very day - of any day that she and her hubby have thoroughly cleaned your dad-gum house!

Pompous Men.  They mean - nothing - to me!  No sweat off my back.  No problem.

There’s always more room in the freezer!


Deb said...

Oh my, thats not good! Hope he doesn't keep it up, but yep, if he did he would go into the freezer, and I'd get another one come spring!! LOL

d.a. said...

Never understood my friend's annoyance with roos until I had some of my own. Yep, mean roos get eaten, no qualms about it.