January 30, 2011

Gorgeous Saturday of Life

Only those living up in this region of our country can understand why - such a redundant photo as this one - would be the most wonderful thing to look at right now.

I swear - I’ve probably shot this same view 50 times by now.

However - none of the others captured all this 60+* sunshine that showed up at our place, yesterday!

And we made the very best efforts taking advantage of all that glorious warmth!

We waited out the morning temps of 28* inside the house by cleaning out drawers around the entire house.

Amazing how things find their way to clogging up your lovely abode - until you don’t even have to look inside to find them.  You can just feel the clutter - enough that you refuse to do one more thing until all is out of the way - haven't used it in a year - removed - GONE !

The Girls and Tom Jones got to spend the better part of yesterday outside in their yard.  I’m not sure if that had anything to do with that perfect score on the egg count.

Yes !  We went 9 for 9 in the Egg plopping contest yesterday!  It was awesome!

And of course - the snottiest girl in the bunch decided to hold out the longest.  She finally caved around 5pm.  But that did nothing for even trying to destroy a slight enthusiasm over my other bonus I claimed.

I didn’t have to turn on the light inside their coop until 6pm!  I saved on the electric bill today!

( Have you seen the commercial of the teenage girl and her mother jumping and screaming because she's getting in to the most expensive college? Uh-huh. )

Okay - small enthusiasm.  But still - enough to get a little excited.  Impossible not to enjoy right now - at the rate the price for gas at the pumps is climbing.

Pennies add up to Dollars!  Ya’ know ?

Until now - the light has been turned on around 4pm - always turning it off at 8pm - unless we‘ve had ugly days smashed with dark clouds.

Those times have required an all-day session of - “ Look, Girls !  The Sun is shining! Drop those eggs !

They don’t know one lie from another, anyway.

The temperatures outside reached a point of being warmer than inside our basement.  Perfect day gave us a chance to open the doors and run off some of that “ refrigeration au-naturale . “

Dwayne and I took time to clean up around our Navaho Thornless Blackberry bushes.  After pruning out the old canes - we set out the bit of landscaping fabric left from last year after clearing as much as possible.  I’ll be picking up more on Monday.  After pinning down with homemade stakes - we covered with the used shavings from the chicken coop.

We’ll allow the landscaping fabric to remain around the bushes until summer has arrived to warm the ground enough to kill off weeds at a pace we can tolerate by hand-pulling.  If we leave the fabric throughout the entire season - it would devoid any future canes from coming up through the soil.

Later - we came inside to process 3 lbs. of homemade pork breakfast sausage.  I doubled Rachel Ray’s recipe - with only 1 additional ingredient - about 1 tsp. of crushed red pepper.

In between handling everything - there were trips up and down the stairs to the basement for dealing with laundry.

But there was one slight and abrupt bit of discord in the household later in the evening.

Dwayne and I were practically shoved to our bedroom to watch television.


Deb said...

It does look beautiful there...we still have snow on the ground here, even though we had a couple days of above freezing temps. I was hoping more of it would leave...but no such luck. Course we are suppose to get more in the next few days...darn winter anyway! LOL

Funny about the last photo, thats the nice thing about having smaller dogs, our mini doxie's love sitting on our lap...and don't take up as much room, although your fur babies are adorable too. LOL

~*~ Shar ~*~ said...

LOVE the blue sky, but the snow I look at incessantly seems to be lacking at your place. We're to get over 12" between Tues & Wed. Want mine to spread over the ground in that pic?