August 5, 2014

Getting Some Canning Accomplished

We couldn’t resist.  Found Zucker here -completely out of it – as we headed to bed last night.  He was even snoring!  Give him pillows all around the house.  Why bother?!

After my appointment with the doctor last Tuesday – I’ve been trying to drudge my way forward – and carefully.  Daily exercises with my left foot.  I have no choice but to do stretches if I want to get out of bed.  Otherwise – it feels as if I’ve had an ice pick stuck up my shin through the heel of my foot.

I’ve been getting some canning out of the way – in between heading out to try cleaning up and reviving my veggie garden.  Got the first case of green beans set up with the pressure canner – all by myself!  Hubs has helped with the white grape jelly.  We have 4 cases, so far.  I’ve got another 2 cases to get finished today.  Had to run for more pectin yesterday, while getting some grocery shopping done.

The reason for my jelly being so dark – 1 tablespoon of Balsamic Vinegar added to each batch.

Sent Jen home with a couple jars last night.  I woke up with a text from her – informing me that her roommate tasted it.  “Mmmm….. You hungry?”  She got busy making biscuits.  Jen said it was 10:50pm when they sat down to pig out.  LOL

I went ahead and stopped by the new produce place by the park on Grove Street in Loudon yesterday.  I didn’t get to plant any squash.  And our corn is becoming an issue.  Just not sure if it will make as well as I’d hoped.  It was more than my foot that was hurt at the wrong time of year - for sure.  But I am so happy the place has opened!

I picked up a dozen ears of Peaches and Cream corn, along with some squash and some Grainger County Tomatoes.  We’ll be having our Grilled Tequila Lime Chicken Skewers during this run of days off.  The yellow and Zucchini squash goes great in the mix, along with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and Cilantro.

We’re selling the boat.  We haven’t been able to take time to go out fishing for the past 2 years.  It’s been dead money – sitting in the garage all this time.  So – we decided to make better use of the space and money.  Plans for another boat are on the list for down the road – after we move from here and find our new home with more land – if we need one at all.  Hopefully – we’ll find a place with a couple ponds that we can stock with fish.  If not – a place near Savannah, Georgia – where we can enjoy seafood again – safely.  Both of us are squeamish about eating seafood from the Gulf of Mexico anymore.

Well – I don’t recall ever teaching April how to tell time.  But she seems to have learned – somehow.  And there are times when I wish they made muzzles for cows.  She has the most obnoxious scream.  Worse than a donkey.

Time to head out for this morning’s feeding!


Deb said...

I'm glad you have been able to get some canning done! We've been doing more here too...and the tomato's are going to start coming in, which means LOTS more canning to come! LOL Hope you find that dream place you would like. :-))

A Lady's Life said...

Oh I love canning and yes some animals do have horrible sounds,
I met one adorable donkey once. I loved him until he opened his mouth. Then I thought Now I know why they are getting rid of you. Poor guy. He just wanted love.