September 8, 2013

Online Pedigree Picture Day

It was Picture Day today.  I've sent the photos in.  But this is Sunday.  I expect it will be a couple days before the new photos are posted.  But you can still get to their Pedigree by clicking on their name where I've underlined!

New guidelines have been set up for Online Pedigree photos with the ADCA.  So we did our most Amateur-Plagued Best!

‘Cuz Amateur is all we got!  And we’ll count it as a blessing and take it!

Artist is now 19 months old.  I have trouble with that.  I see him now and he’s changed so much since he was a baby.  It seems like he’s been here forever.  So my own mind wants to assume he’s an old man.

Don’t even bother.  Trust me.  I have no idea.  But then – the more I think about it…

Maybe it has something to do with spending every day going gaga over him every time I see him.  I’m just so proud of Artist!  He won’t even be full-grown until he turns 3 years old.  And I just know he’s gonna be so gorgeous that I can’t stand it!

He melts for me and Dwayne.  He’s like… the best child we’ve ever had.  He knows who butters his bread!  And he makes sure we know he appreciates that!

Seriously.  He is the most well-behaved Bull we will probably ever have.  There is such a strong level of respect and understanding between Artist and the two of us.

I was downright stunned yesterday.  We’ve had to settle for having April come into the barn alley to eat.  It just keeps the peace for everyone.  Cora just can’t find a happy medium with her issues.  Artist has no problem with what’s working.

In fact – April wouldn’t come to me for yesterday evening’s feeding.  She was feeling intimidated by Cora standing in the pathway.  Artist – literally – goosed April in the butt and shoved her toward me!

I fell out!  He headed over to his feed bunker as soon as April made her way to me.

Two things I always do out of pure habit during feedings.  I give our animals a good looking over.  And I check their halters.

Yesterday was a big day for April.  She got moved into a Medium-size Dexter Halter.  We made out like it was ‘ Girl Bling ‘ and April just went gaga over all the excitement!  She kept wanting to lick the halter while I was trying to get it on and adjusted.

And Artist noticed her new pretty as soon as she walked out into the paddock.  He liked it!  He walked right up to her new halter and began rubbing on it – giving her kisses.  It was soooo cute!

Actually - it was just weird.  I don’t expect seeing things like that going on with cows.  For now – I keep tucking these little scenarios in my mental file cabinet.  Just in case.  I mean – there’s awesomely well-behaved.  And then there’s just – weird.  I just feel like I really need to keep my eyes on Mister Artist.  Just sayin’.

She's talking to Dwayne.  They gossip all the time.

For whatever reason – Cora has no problem with any of it.  She just keeps her head to the grind – wherever the tall grass grows!

Until you bring the hay out – anyway.  And then she works really hard trying to convince you that she wants to be your BFF – long enough to ‘ help you ‘ with that hay you’re carrying.

Once she gets her way with the hay – she’s forgotten you ever existed.

But we all know what happens with those girls.  Right?!

That’s okay.  I got a cellphone – a Vet – and we can get our hands on a Dart Gun – anytime we need to do some serious dealings with Miss Cora.



A Lady's Life said...

Artist sounds like a character.
You sure are enjoying your children.
It's nice to be able to know them this way.

Deb said...

They are really looking good! :-))

Deb said...

So how goes your recovery? Hope all is well with you and yours! :-))

Teresa Schoellkopf said...

We've had so much fun with these babies! And it'll be really interesting to see what happens when Miss Anna brings another one, which will be her very first! She's due around the end of January.

Deb, I'm hanging in there. This ankle is giving me fits. But I have to take part of the blame. There are just some things that cannot wait. And Dwayne just can't handle everything. But I do use special care, as much as I can!