August 18, 2013

Transitions That Take Us Forward

It’s been so crazy around here – enough that I don’t even know where to begin.

Okay.  I figured that one out.

Dwayne is still alive.

And Cora just loves that he helps her get really lazy about grazing.  I don’t get it.  But she goes absolutely nuts whenever he mows our area between the house and the barn.  She’ll even come running from the back side of the paddock.

She says that the freshly cut green grass all over her back feels nice and cool.  Thank God - She’s not a white Dexter.  But we did have to dump her water trough and clean it before refilling!

Patty and Killian were taken to Hampton’s on the evening of August 12, 2013.  They were slaughtered the next morning for butchering.

I do my best not to think to long about them.  I make myself remember Killian's feet. And it makes me feel better.  I know he feels no pain for sure now.

Patty's disposition made it easy for me to let go.  It was frustrating to watch how she could be in one paddock - but manage to control every paddock.  Heads would hang low.  Eyes would shift.  She ruled a whole herd under duress.  And she had no qualms about hurting any of them - grown or only a week old - whenever she did not get her way.

Our goal above all else is to have a happy and content herd that feels at peace.

Bruce walked with me over to the paddock Killian had – with absolutely no trouble at all.  Of course!  He’s my ‘ Boocey Booce! “  He loves life now!  He can eat his ration and hay without any crap out of Artist!  He has his very own bedroom!  And a toy that hangs.  He thinks the bullet is a toy.  And I’m just gonna let him go on believing he’s an incredibly Out-Of-The-Dexter-Ordinary intelligent boy!

Cora has remained in the same paddock that she shared with Patty and the babies.  She’ll be moved over into the paddock with Artist and April tomorrow morning.  We’re not certain Artist was successful with his virgin voyage into Manhood with April – the female virgin.  So – we’re hoping the experienced older woman will be able to help this spunky fresh lad with some – tutoring – before April hits her next cycle.

We’ve been able to reduce Cora’s ration down to the same as everyone else.  We’re compensating a little with morning hay - besides her evening hay - until we get her moved over with Artist and April.  But this is also encouraging her to graze more productively.

As for the latest on my left hand – I can hold a bucket with 3lbs. of feed for a short period of time.  There is still a lot of soreness.  Pulling on the stall doors or the handle for the refrigerator takes concentration and being very slow and gradual on the pull.

I tried the Vitamin E massaging on the palm and scar area.  It’s supposed to help with the flexibility and keeping the scar from turning dark permanently.  But I bought a big jar of Coconut Oil at Cosco.  I’ve been using that and my scar began healing much faster.  My hands keep the soft feeling longer.  And a little bit of the coconut oil goes a long way!

I see the Surgeon on September 9th for conference and scheduling of surgery on my right hand.  Somehow - I have a feeling things might be a bit more of a struggle afterward.  My left hand won't be up to par for a while.

I had the advantage of full use of my right hand after the surgery on my left hand.  I won't have that same advantage.  And it only makes me worry about my husband even more.


A Lady's Life said...

I am glad you are getting the use of your hand back It all takes time.
I know because of my broken wrist.
It also affected the tendon and there was stiffness for a while but I kept massaging it, stretching it and doing small things. It has to be used or it will stiffen up in my case.
It's fine now and I hardy notice it.
It is awful hard with only one hand. Every thing takes time to heal ut at least you will not have pain and that's good.

Teresa Schoellkopf said...

I've noticed the stiffness that can develop. I go through the day stretching my hand and doing that exercise where you touch tips of your fingers with the tip of your thumb. Massaging with the Coconut oil helps a LOT! So does washing dishes. That hot water feels soooo good! LOL

Deb said...

So glad you are able to do a little more with your hand...even if it's not as much as you NEED to do. Enjoy that beef, even if it was heartbreaking to have to take one of them to be processed. :-))

Queenacres said...

I am glad to hear that you are healing so well!

It's always hard to send them to the freezer but know that you always treated them humanely and enjoy healthy beef.