April 30, 2013

Two Days Apart!

** Warning: Graphic Photos Below.

The weather was so gorgeous yesterday – after all that massive rain that stole 2 days from us.
While Cora and Storm were content inside their stalls – Patty decided she’d had enough and wanted out!  And she knows just how to get her way when she sets her mind for her wishes.
First thing I noticed when I walked inside the barn to set up rations – Patty had been quite busy – trying to untie all the ropes Dwayne crisscrossed over the top  open area of her stall door.  Her stall was completely destroyed and smelling downright rank!
After feeding – the sun came up over the trees in our gulley.  The paddocks had dried enough that you could no longer see puddles around.  Life was just too alive to leave that big girl in that stinking stall.  I can’t stand the idea of stalls not being cleaned EVERY day.  The ‘ layering ‘ with hay option that some people use was – definitely – one I didn’t want on our list.
Dwayne got busy with hotwiring Killian’s paddock.  The 2 of us had already witnessed  ‘ Master Killian ‘ managing to get his head through the 5 lines of barbed wire.  We didn’t need any accidents – especially with babies in the other paddock.
Patty had that ‘ Psycho ‘ look anytime I tried speaking to her – until I asked her, “ You wanna go outside, Baby? “  Like Linda Blair in ‘ The Exercist ‘ – she spun her head toward me – ears forward – pure sweetness in her eyes as if she were asking, “ You mean it?  Really?  Can I?  Can I? “  She even stepped up to the door and began to sniff me!  After seeking input from Dwayne – I took down all the ropes – cleared the alley – opened the door.
And she stood there.
Finally – she headed out to the paddock after a few minutes of prodding her.  But within an hour – around 10:50am – we saw the tail coming up.  She paced all over that paddock – moving every couple of minutes.  Dwayne stopped working on the fence and we started keeping an eye on her.

At 1:15pm – she laid down for the 3rd time and – Bingo!
Unlike Cora – she got up quickly – and scared both of us.  This girl began a major low-tone roar towards this calf – shoving that baby around like a beast – showing furious thrusting toward the calf.  Dwayne was afraid she was trying to kill it.  I just kept a distance and repeated, “ Easy Baby.  Good Girl, Patty.  Gentle, Baby!  Gentle. “  Once the baby lifted its head – all that began to cease.  Dwayne said she must have shoved that baby almost 20 feet to the fence.

All the drying off – cleaning – and encouragement to stand began.  Eventually – the calf made its first effort!

After that first tumble – the next try was more successful!
Patty and the baby ended up back at the gate for getting to Killian’s paddock.  Dwayne was working there – digging the trench and burying the hotwire across the gate area.  He was able to get a chance to check the sex.

We have another little Bull Calf.  And he’s even more tiny than Storm!


Moosters said...

Congratulations on not one, but two!, healthy bull calves. Lots of excitement, but it looks like all ended well for you. They look great.

Deb said...

So glad you had both of your calves without any major problems! I never mind bull calves, cause that just means we will have meat in a couple years...even if the girls are nice if you want to increase your herd. :-))