April 6, 2013

The Clover is Here!

We had a busy day today!  Our daughter, Jen, came out to spend time with us and helped us get over half of Artist’s paddock cleaned up – which was quite a task!

Jen handled being out in the pasture with Artist and The Girls quite well!  Of course – our Bull and Cows are very well behaved when they’re not being ramrodded through a tunnel and into a chute.  And I’m sure they appreciated what we were doing for them today!

We’re able to spend time brushing everyone but Patty and Cora.  It’s that time of year.  The temps are warming up.  The sunshine is coming out now.  And they’re all ready to shed that winter coat!

Artist has the thickest coat I have ever seen on a cow.  I use a finishing comb on him.  It’s the only thing that works.  I’ll bet I’m getting enough to fill a gallon-size Ziploc bag every morning.  And it just never seems like I’m making a dent.  But he loves every bit of the brushing!

Take a look at Mr. Killian!  I took this shot to help size him up against Bruce.  Hard to believe our little ‘ Chondro King ‘ Bull turned 1 year old on March 31st!  Bruce is now 17 months old!

Killian looks so tiny with Dwayne standing beside him!

He loves his brushings as well!  Just show him the comb or brush and he’ll come running clear across the paddock.  He’s lost quite a bit more of his coat – compared to Artist.  But even he has more to go before it will be gone for this summer!

My angst over the girls’ pregnancies is moved beyond, “ Whatever “ these days.  I’m in no hurry.  I guess I never really was.  More than anything – it was concern over miscarriage or premature births.  Our Vet’s exam on Patty calmed me down a great deal.  Knowing we have a plan in place that should be really comfortable for the girls helps a little as well.  We’ll be moving them to the other paddock on April 13th.  A portion will be cross-fenced and a shelter will be constructed – at the same time - for Killian.  Bruce will be going back in with Artist – until the girls are ready to go back in with Artist for being bred.

My anger about Cora jumping out and over me is teetering toward a second chance.  Still up in the air.  I am willing to try – 1 more time – as long as Dwayne is willing to construct temporary pen and alley for the chute inside Artist’s paddock whenever we have Vet Care.  His paddock is hot-wired.  If they get out – they’re still in.  And nobody’s gonna be tempted to jump the hot-wire around the paddock – especially when there’s a second  line running the top of the fence as well.

Cora's looking very nice these days.  She’s not due until May 3.  It’ll be interesting to see how she carries over the next month.  Inside the paddock with Artist – she’s been quite civil.  The ‘ don’t touch me ‘ disposition remains.  However – she and Patty – both – will come up and eat cookies and hay out of my hands.  They have no qualms about coming up and standing right beside me when I’m loosening hay for them.

Patty is looking great – and beginning to swing to and fro at this time.  Dwayne calls her the  ‘ School Bus.  She is downright rock solid like a rectangle!  She’s not much into a social world right now.  I’m thinking she’s reaching that point of wishing she could hurry up and drop that load!  But nothing can keep her away from the cookies – hay – and the feeder bunker!

I get excited every morning that I go out to see Miss April!  My Girl is becoming absolutely gorgeous!

She’s staying in the Little yard right now.  Killian became so frustrated being there – enough that he even thought about trapping me inside the tack room!  I didn’t even wait for Dwayne to come home.  I went after April – put her into her stall – and put that boy out into the other paddock with Bruce without a second thought.

April seems to be more content in the Little Yard.  She gets more cookies.  And she gets to “ go out for Clover “ twice each day.  She has no problem reminding you when it’s time to go get that lead rope so she can go eat her Clover!

I’m so proud of how she is turning out!  She is almost finished losing her winter coat – already!  The summer coat is coming in very nicely!  Lots of swirls showing up in that coat – along with a long – sleek – shiny strand!

She keeps me bouncing back and forth over what I hope we get with these next 2 calves coming during this next month!  Somehow – I’m feeling like we won’t be disappointed – either way – boy or girl – shorty or not!  But if we get another one like April out of Patty – I will be thrilled to the Moon!!


Deb said...

I'm never sure which I want out of our girls either...boys or girls are good either way...actually I usually want at least ONE boy a year, just cause that's our meat in a couple years. LOL Loving spring here too! I think we are a little further behind on the grass than you are, but it's really greening up and some may even be starting to grow! :-))

Moosters said...

They are beautiful! It's just wonderful to see green "stuff." April is incredible - be proud....

A Lady's Life said...

lol they sure are all your babies.

are you breeding to sell bulls or to get a bigger herd?

As the herd gets bigger, you won't have time to give everyone such personal attention.lol
It's much harder to kill or sell once you get so attached.

I am one to get attached.
But I visit many farms and no one I see goes through so much trouble.

But mostly they were the black and white milking cows.
Thats all we had around where we lived.
Maybe with other cattle it's different.
But at Park safari african, we had this huge white bull come to the car and he was too friendly. Just the nicest bull but very very big.
and the buffalo were even nicer.

I couldn;t get over it. But strong.. like a wall standing beside you.
You would not be able to budge them even with a small car.
but a ring through the nose did it easy. lol