April 18, 2013

Bringing in The Troops!

I think each and every single human being in this world is going through their own full plate of situations that have them spending quite a bit of time feeling – simply – stunned.

It’s very overwhelming.  And that’s what Evil wants.  Best thing to do is recognize that.  And then – get busy closing doors to cut it out of your life as much as you possibly can.

If it’s not one thing – it’s another.  And we’ve had our own share of challenges and unexpected situations around this house.

I think the main thing that has helped us get by is the fact that we had our lan phone and Cable television cut off.  Besides saving $100.00 month – we’re no longer being harassed by the phone ringing off the wall at all hours – for other people we’ve never even heard of before.

But even more importantly – we’re not having all the hashed and re-hashed drama shoved into our faces by the media with their exaggerated drama tactics.  It’s amazing how much that crap can weigh you down.  And they could not care any less.

Zucker is feeling much better.  And " Thank You " to everyone - for all the kind words of encouragement and prayers!  But he's not quite out of the woods - yet.  It has been one hell of a ride.  I have never felt so helpless in all my life.  Seriously.  I thought the dog was dying in our bath tub.  And it was like the rest of this world was demanding that everything else just - carry on – while expecting me to keep up.

Ever spent a morning sobbing the whole time you’re carrying feed and hay out to cows – so much that you can’t hardly see through the flow of tears?

You would – had you seen the sight of that bathtub at the peak of that nightmare.  The best way I’ve been able to describe what I saw is – “ It looked just like a murder scene. “  Our jet tub is deeper than a standard tub.  And there was blood sprayed everywhere – all the way up across the tiled backsplash.  Pools of blood and bloody masses all over the floor of the tub.

It was absolutely horrific.

My first thought was Parvo – until we began noticing that Zucker just was not going downhill like most dogs will do when they have Parvo.

Dwayne came home early.  We struggled with phone calls from one Vet to another – trying to get him to the closest one possible.  That failed.

Dwayne drove Zucker all the way to Maryville.

He was diagnosed with HGE ( Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis ).  They kept him overnight on IV and anti-biotics.  His Vet stayed the night with him.  Zucker came home the next day.

The appetite showed back up.  But the poor little guy survived on small portions of white rice for a couple days.  I felt so bad that I added a few of my canned green beans – his favorite!  And then we moved to adding a half of a boiled egg.  He went a week before we even tried giving him a dog biscuit.  He’s back to eating ¼ cup measures of his Kibble twice a day now.

But we will have to remain vigil.  He is susceptible to relapses in the future.

Got a chance to have some fun a few nights ago – after boiling up too many lasagna noodles.

Amazing how the right moment of the day and a certain patch of grass can bring a funny sight to life even more!

Every once in a while – you get lucky.  One chicken will get a really good morsel hanging out of her mouth – running from all the others that think it’s grand enough to take for themselves!  Something about a strand of spaghetti noodle dangling from the beak when it’s longer than the legs underneath that are giving it all they’ve got!

I love doing that!  I make extra when I cook up angel hair pasta - just so I can watch! I know. I'm twisted like that!

And just when you think that’s not enough entertainment…

You go buy more.  Ha!

They came home yesterday.  We now have 15 Americaunas and 10 Rhode Island Reds.  All are supposed to be Pullets.  We'll see.. won’t we!  LOL

I was fed up with money going out – rather than coming in.  Down to 5 Buff Orpington Hens with one showing signs of going down any day.  And only averaging 2 eggs per day – 3 at most – and only on occasion.  The plan was to have enough eggs coming in for covering the feed bills and keeping us from buying our own eggs.  This plan is failing.

Thank God!  We've brought in FRESH Troops!


Queenacres said...

I am THRILLED to hear that Zuker is doing better! Check into a raw diet for him....it may help with relapses.

Great to see the new chicks...and great to see you with a happy post!

I'm here if you need me!

Karen said...

Oh, I am SO very GLAD that Zuker is recovering! I can only imagine the horrible time you had. The little chicks looks so cute! I hope they grow up to be super duper egg layers! Blessings, Karen

Moosters said...

Really glad to hear pup is doing better. Totally jealous of your beautiful green grass!

A Lady's Life said...

I am so happy for you that your pup got better. Amazing no one knows why dogs get this?
There has to be a reason.
I would never expect my dog to get it because he never goes anywhere and stays inside. If he gets that then I don't know. You know dogs drink from toilet bowls and people put javel in there.
Maybe some water with disinfectant
can be found outside and animals get into it. Also animals die from new Swiffer cleaners they use to clean floors . Animals get it on their fur and lick it.
I would have given your dog yogurt.
Thats very good bacteria for the intestines.
I bought a sick dog once and this is what I gave it.
Well I hope it doesn't happen again.
Poor thing.

Deb said...

So glad that your fur baby is better! Cool you got more chickens too! I've always heard you have to keep them rotated, cause they only lay eggs for so long, so it's good you got more. :-))

Mike said...

Glad Zucker is on the mend. Chickens are a blast and full of comedic antics.