March 6, 2013

And Then There Were... Seven

This was the “ Alley Count “ during evening ration feedings in the barn yesterday.  What a thought.  There's actually 5 butts there.

That would be ( from left to right ) Cora – Patty – and Bruce.   Man Alive - what a day.

We endured a dumping Monsoon from early in the morning throughout the entire day.  Our entire property looked like this.  If not – worse.  So did everyone else’s – as far as I could tell – while driving the back way to get to the post office.

This became a little ‘ flow ‘ running from the front of the barn inside Artist’s paddock.  We had rain – thunder – lightning – nervous animals.

And the day progressed to some of the most frightening gusts of wind.  Middle April, 2011 was the last time this log cabin home was shaken enough to feel like an earthquake.

We’re in the last trimester with Patty and Cora.  Seems the rest of the clubhouse ( that’s what we call the temporary set-up in the barn ) has started to recognize something’s going on – just not sure what.  The attitudes and behaviors are offering very strong support of that assumption.  Killian's found his ' Bull Moo ' again.  Only now it sounds just like Artist.

We keep looking up and asking - " Who's doing that? "

We’ve known we would need to separate the girls soon.  We had intentions of doing so – following given advice from our Vet after she gets a chance to examine the girls.

We had to reschedule our appointment with her until March 12th.  You can probably guess why.  Anybody know if Mother Nature knows sign language?

I am so sick of all this rain and mud.

Anyway – I’ve been noticing Artist becoming very obnoxious toward Patty over the past week.  He pulled the last hair off my back the other morning.  He had me pulling feathers out of my butt yesterday morning.

I ran for the car to warm it up before going to the post office – in the middle of all the dumping rain.  I busted Artist sitting smack in the center of the stall he’s supposed to be sharing with Patty.

Patty was standing out in the storm – clear out in the back of the pasture.

I turned my car back off.  Stomped back inside the house.  Changed into my waders and barn coat.  Went out to get a bucket and some feed.  Snuck out to Bruce and Cora’s paddock.  Opened up the gate between the 2 paddocks.

And Patty gave me very little apprehension – as she made her way to the barn with each spoken, “ Good Girl, Patty.  There ya’ go, Baby. “

Artist has howled.  And shoved around that dad-gum feeder bunker.

But we’ve given him extra attention – extra hay – a bigger than normal dose of cookies.

And Dwayne will be hotwiring a paddock before going back to work.  He’s picking up a grounding rod tomorrow.

The 2 Preggers and the Steer are getting along - so far.  They know they have no choice.  I’m sure they’re grateful to have a dry place to rest.  We went through 2 rounds of dishing out hay and feed.  We even survived a confusing round of alfalfa cubes ( cookies ) without anybody stomping anyone!

But you know what they say about Honeymoons.  Right?!

Yeah.  I know.  I'm just waiting for the first pretty day of sunshine.  But that hotwire fence is really gonna slow down the gray invasion breaking free on the top  of my head.

Okay.  Alright.  Too late to stop that.

But maybe my tail feathers will grow back sooner.

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Deb said...

I'm tired of the snow (and mud when it's not frozen) too! Course the moisture is nice, since we really could use that! Hope you get things figured out, so your cows aren't so annoying! :-))